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5 Cultures That Believe Black Cats Are Lucky

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Black cats are, without question, our favorite hallmark of Halloween. Who cares about trick-or-treating and embarrassing costumes when you can have a furry black friend purr lovingly by your ear??

Sadly, back in the Middle Ages, western folklore had falsely characterized them as superstitious, bearing omens of witchcraft, evil, and overall bad luck to come. While the modern world has cast this line of thinking aside, the stigma around these cats has, to some extent, persevered. Some sources even say that black cats are less likely to be adopted than other kitties.

No kitty should be unfairly treated because of kooky, made-up myths. To eliminate any negative associations people might still harbor towards black cats, we’ll answer questions such as ‘are black cats good luck?’, and we’ll take you through a list of positive superstitions about them from other cultures.

Get ready to turn around any negative doubts you’ve ever had about black cats!

5 Pawsitive Superstitions About Black Cats

Black Cats: With Green Eyes in Chair

  1. In Japan, black cats are upheld as symbols of good luck, especially for single women, as they are revered for attracting fine, potential suitors.

    The Japanese black cat is associated with the deity Maneki Neko, or “beckoning cat,” for centuries. According to legend, when a poor monk was sitting in his temple, one day he saw a black cat beckon him towards it with its paw. He followed the lucky black cat, and soon after, found himself surrounded by wealthy people who gave him donations that enabled him to restore his temple. Since then, images of cats raising their paws have become popular symbols of prosperity and fortune throughout Japan.

  2. The ancient Egyptians worshipped ALL cats, black ones included. They even worshipped a cat goddess, called Bastet, who was known for her protective spirit.

  3. Scottish people believe that prosperity befalls anyone who finds a stray black cat on their doorstep.They believe black cats are lucky because they’re associated with the goddess Brigid, who was believed to bring good fortune to those she blessed. Brigid’s association with black cats dates back as far as the Iron Age when they were seen as guardians of hearth and home.

    In addition, Scottish folklore tells tales of how witches used them for protection against evil spirits or bad omens. As such, many people in Scotland believe that having a black cat around brings good luck and wealth into their lives. Furthermore, it is said that if you stroke a black cat three times from head to tail on New Year’s Day then your wishes will come true throughout the year!

  4. Aah-mew! Sneezing black cats are lucky to those living in Italy. This belief dates back centuries and is connected to the superstition that if you hear a cat sneeze, it means someone nearby will soon receive some unexpected wealth or fortune.

    There’s an old Italian proverb that states: “A lucky man hears two cats sneeze”. This proverb implies that anyone who has the privilege of hearing two cats sneeze at the same time can expect double their usual dose of good luck!  What’s more, many Italians believe that if they have a lucky black cat living with them then they will never go hungry and they’ll always find shelter during bad weather. So, are black cats lucky? Who knows! – But it’s no wonder why these animals are so beloved by people all around Italy!

  5. In Latvia, black kittens appearing in silos symbolize the arrival of a good harvest, courtesy of a spirit called Rungus.Latvians believe that black cats are good luck thanks to a superstition that dates back centuries ago when farmers believed that having a black cat around their farm would bring them luck and prosperity in the form of plentiful harvests. The belief was so strong that farmers would often keep one or two cats on their farms to ensure they had plenty of food for the winter months.

    Lucky black cats were also thought to be protectors against evil spirits, bad omens, and disease-causing pests. Even today, many Latvians still believe that keeping a black cat around can bring good luck and wealth into their lives!

Just as we cannot prove that black cats are unlucky, we cannot prove whether black cats are good luck to be true, either. The big takeaway here is that these superstitions depend upon geographic location, not on the inherent nature of black cats. So, the next time you see black kitties, remember that what they really symbolize is an opportunity to love, snuggle, and treat them like royalty, just like any other spoiled cat! Belly rubs for all.

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