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How to Bond with Your Kitten

A secure, sleeping kitten

A new kitten is a welcome addition to any home. When you first bring your new kitten home, there’s so much to consider! Between navigating their new home and learning the ins and outs of “kittenhood,” your new furry friend may be quite busy. One of the many perks of having a new kitten joining your family is the opportunity for a unique friendship. A cat can be such a special and loving animal companion. In fact, one of the best ways to get to know your kitten is to take the chance to bond with them. Read on to learn more about how to bond with your kitten and prepare for many perfect moments with your furry family member.

How to bond with your kitten: a new kitten owner guide

Enrichment is a wonderful way to interact with your feline. Also, cat enrichment can help provide entertainment, prevent boredom, decrease stress, and curb any unwanted behavior cues. Consider adding some cat-friendly furniture items like a cat tree, cat scratcher, or cat shelves in your pet’s space.

Enjoy an activity together

Activities are a wonderful way to take a break from your day and bond with your furry friend. Consider incorporating interactive play with a wand, laser toy, or even a homemade cat toy. Also, a water fountain or cat subscription box can be a fun way to interact and play with your kitten.

Take the time to rest and relax

A kitten playing with a ball

There’s nothing like taking the time to rest and re-charge with your furry friends. In fact, your kitten grows and develops quickly, chances are your kitten may be ready for a nap. Consider taking a break and curling with your new best friend, the kitten cuddles may be beneficial for the entire family.

Give your kitten room to explore (but pay close attention)

Your kitten may be ready to explore and get to know their new home. And with their curious nature, the opportunity may arise to get into things they shouldn’t. Consider kitten-proofing your home so your new feline friend can have a safe and happy playtime adventure. The last thing you want is an unexpected trip to the veterinarian with your new best friend.

Keep a schedule

Although you want to provide daily interaction and enrichment into your pet’s day, you also may want to try to stick to a schedule. Consider a schedule as a way to help your new kitten adjust to being in a brand new environment. For example, they can look forward to mealtime, nap time, playtime, and when they may get the chance to explore. Further, this may help with any anxiety or stress adjusting to the new household.

Learning how to bond with your kitten may be beneficial for you and the entire family

A kitten sleeping on a woman's arm

Bonding with a kitten may take time. But by introducing friends, pets, and family slowly and incorporating positive play and reinforcement, your feline friend will be on the way to becoming a special member of the family!

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