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How do I start a subscription to KitNipBox?

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What is the difference between a Happy Cat box and a Multi-Cat box?


What kinds of items are included in KitNipBox goodie boxes?

What kinds of treats are included in KitNipBoxes?

What if my cat has a sensitive tummy or allergies?

How do you research and select your products?

Are any of the products made in China?


When will I receive my first KitNipBox?

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Is KitNipBox available outside of the US?


How much does it cost to subscribe to KitNipBox?

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What is KitNipBox?

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How do referrals work?

How does KitNipBox support animal welfare organizations?


How can an animal welfare organization join KitNipBox’s charity program?

I have a shelter that I would love for you to support – how do I make that happen?

I’m a blogger/influencer – how do I get involved with reviewing your boxes?

How do I request a donation for my event or giveaway?