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My two senior male cats just received their first box. They went crazy. Before I even got the chance to open the box they were rubbing their faces and bodies on the box. After opening, they got right in there and started picking up toys and playing. These two old guys have been playing for days. They loved all the toys and the treats. And I loved that they used Etsy and other small business and eco friendly products. This is a great company that pays attention to the small details. The packaging was even well designed and the customer service was terrific.

Brooke G.

My Mom's four fur babies loved their first box. Tootsie (the youngest black male) took to it first but then Lily came to investigate and she took over the box rooting up all the toys to lay in the box. Patches and Sox finally came to see what all the fuss was about and Sox (the big Tom and oldest) took over the box from Lily. They all loved it and my Mom laughed and laughed which I haven't seen her do much of in a long time. When she found out that I had ordered the box she said not to spend the money but after seeing her and Mom seeing her babies playing, I think it is going to be a long relationship with KitNipBox. We are all patiently waiting for the October box. Thank you all at KitNipBox for all that you do, not only for our fur babies, but those that are in need of help, love and hope.

Paige J.

I gave my mother the box for Mother's Day this year. The only thing my mother loves more than her two daughter is her cat. She and Jack Bower (my sister won the "name the cat" game) were thrilled.

I got the box made for one cat which was stock full of toys and treats. They also have one for multi-cat households at a slightly higher price. I thought the The Happy Cat KitNipBox designed for one cat was a great value.

Another great thing is they introduce you to cat product you have never ever heard of. One box came with special seeds to grow cat grass. Jack is a city cat, but whenever we take him to the country, his favorite thing is to get out and eat grass, but then he always throws up. We grew the cat grass, and not only does he love it, but it's also good for him.

This is a great present for the cat lover in your life or for any cat lover. My mother always likes to say that I am one of her two favorite daughters (she only has two), but after this present I might just be her favorite. At least until next Mother's Day. Thanks KitNipBox - this made the perfect present.

Alison C.

As can be seen by the pics I posted, my 9 cats thought it was purrific! Even my 18-year-old cat who has never been much of a cat to play, immediately attacked one of the toys in the box! We've only gotten one box, but I can't wait till next month when I get to watch them go wild again! I think I had as much fun as they did! And as someone who has not only rescued 9 cats, but also financially supports several cat causes, getting to treat my cats while supporting a cause is like having my cake and eating it too! Thanks for everything!

Chrissy T.

Brianna received her first box over the weekend. Thank you for the super soft toys. Bri had to have a good majority of her teeth removed back in the spring and I haven't seen her play much with her older toys. She IMMEDIATELY took to the box, the fish, and the firecracker. I think she's happy to receive a box just like her dog-sister, Calypso, gets each month.

Christine E.

When I ordered, I was iffy because Arlo doesn't play with toys I buy him. As soon as I opened the box he went crazy and loves all the toys in the box! He was so excited, and so was I :)

Stacha B.

We got our first KitNipBox this month for my two girls FURRst birthday! They LOVE the box! From the minute the box came in the door, they wouldn't leave it alone. There was a catnip toy inside they will NOT stop playing with! It's a great value and worth the price. When you consider shipping for most things, the box is a steal. The owner loves the price and seeing the fun, and my two girls love having fun with it! I would recommend this to all cat owners!

Melissa J.

Always a great assortment of toys and treats, and the price is very reasonable.

Becky S.

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