A monthly cat subscription box

What's in a KitNipBox?

KitNipBox's monthly cat subscription boxes contain the best high-quality cat toys, all-natural treats, and other fun, healthy cat products. Here's a list of toys and treats from a recent KitNipBox, as an example.

Our monthly subscription boxes for cats will be the highlight of your cat's month and will keep them satisfied, entertained, and healthy.

Cat laying on top of cat toys and treats in KitNipBox.
Bengal cat finding a new favorite cat toy in their KitNipBox.
Cat laying next to their KitNipBox of fun.
Cat snuggled up with their new KitNipBox filled with catnip toys.
Cat looking proud after opening their KitNipBox toys and treats.
Excited cat trying to fit into their KitNipBox with all of their new fun toys and cat treats.
Sleepy cat snuggled up to one of their new KitNipBox toys.
Four kitties gathered around their monthly box of fun and enjoying their new toys.
Cat trying to choose which fun KitNipBox handmade toy to play with first

Still unsure? Here are some reviews that explain why KitNipBox has the best cat subscription boxes in town!

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Organizations We Support

KitNipBox supports over 100 animal welfare organizations nationwide. Each month, we donate a portion of our cat subscription proceeds and products to shelters, rescues, TNR efforts, and a variety of other feline welfare causes. If there is an organization you'd like us to support, please email our team at meow@kitnipbox.com .

Wayside Waifs
The Paw

San Francisco SPCA
Adopt a Stray
Friends of Jax Animals
Sean Casey Animal Rescue

... and many more!

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