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Check out what all the purrs are about and here are some reviews that explain why KitNipBox has the best cat subscription boxes in town!

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What's In A KitNipBox?

What’s In A KitNipBox?

KitNipBox’s monthly subscription boxes for cats contain the best high-quality cat toys, all-natural treats, and other fun, healthy cat products.

Our monthly cat subscription boxes will be the highlight of your cat’s month and will keep them satisfied, entertained, and healthy.

Treat Your Kitty!

How It Works

How It Works: Subscribe

Subscribe for a purrfect time each month!

Monthly cat subscription boxes guaranteed to make your cat happy!

How It Works: Delivery

Your first cat box ships immediately.

We won't make your kitty wait!

How It Works: Party

Let's get this purr-fect party started!

A treasure of fun for your furball! Cancel your monthly cat subscription anytime.

Are you ready to treat your furbaby with a KitNipBox cat subscription?

Pick A Plan

Find the plan that fits your feline.

Happy Cat

$19.99 per box/month

Best Value!

$29.99 per box/month

Number of items included
Free shipping
Cancel any time
Treat options available
Best Value!
Multi-Cat Box
$29.99 per box/month
  • Comes with 7 goodies each month
  • Free US shipping
  • Cancel anytime
  • Treat options available
Happy Cat Box
$19.99 per box/month
  • Comes with 5 goodies each month
  • Free US shipping
  • Cancel anytime
  • Treat options available
Made By Cat People, For Cats!

Made By Cat People For Cats!

We're cat parents and lovers, so we put extra effort into making every package purrfect.

If your cats are not 100% happy with their KitNipBox, let us know about it by contact us. We'll work with you to make everything right!

We’re The Cat’s Meow

Here are some reviews from the web that explain why KitNipBox has the best cat subscription boxes in town!

"KitNipBox knows your cat is fickle, so they send you plenty of stuff that your finicky feline might like."


"An entire package filled with things your cats will love. From toys to snacks, this subscription is sure to make your pets purr."


"There is Barkbox, the leading name for monthly deliveries of dog toys and treats... and KitNipBox — its feline equivalent."

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Still unsure? Here are some reviews that explain why KitNipBox has the best cat subscription boxes in town!

Caring & Giving

KitNipBox supports over 100 animal welfare organizations nationwide. Each month, we donate a portion of our cat subscription proceeds and products to shelters, rescues, TNR efforts, and a variety of other feline welfare causes. If there is an organization you'd like us to support, contact us .


KitNipBox provides your kitty with treats and toys each month, similar to what BarkBox does for dogs.
Absolutely! Getting a subscription box monthly with your cat’s favorite treats, catnip products, and new toys saves you time and keeps you well-stocked up on cat-friendly goodies.
A KitNipBox is more than a cat subscription box. KitNipBoxes include treats and toys that your cat is sure to love. Every package comes with a surprise theme and tons of variety! Your cat will always have something new to chew, chase or play with. Get cat products designed exclusively for KitNipBox subscribers + a tasty, all-natural treat every single month. Our toys are made of the highest quality materials, and our catnip toys and products are made with Grade A Catnip grown in North America to keep your cat happy and healthy.
Different cats tend to like different types of toys, but try out our catnip toys to change up playtime for your furbaby. Cats also like the novelty of getting to play with a different toy every month. Changing up your cat's toys will help keep playtime engaging and interesting for your furry friend.
Yes. Cats need toys to help them carry out appropriate play that keeps them from damaging furniture or household items. Our cat toy subscriptions help keep your kitty’s toy collection fresh and keep them occupied with enrichment activities that keep their minds and bodies in good shape.

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