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Best Interactive Cat Toys For Active Kitties

Are you the pet parent of an active kitty who’s always up for some fun? Keeping cats engaged with cat toys that are interactive is not only hugely beneficial for their physical and mental health, but it can also be incredibly rewarding to watch your feline pal enjoy a good play session. Luckily, we’ve done the heavy lifting of figuring out what interactive toys are best for your playful kitty. 

Interactive Cat Toy Benefits

Cats love interactive toys. Interactive cat toys are a great way to provide enrichment activities for our furry friends, resulting in both physical and mental stimulation. They can keep cats busy and mentally engaged while we’re away or when they become bored and restless. Not only do interactive toys help to tire out cats but they also contribute to a positive relationship between pet and owner. 

By playing with interactive puzzles, cats become more trusting of their owners, since many interactive toys allow owners to participate in play with their cats. Interactive toys can also help cats process the stress of adapting to a new environment when you first bring them home. 

KitNipBox has the best interactive toys

KitNipBox has the best interactive toys. All toys provided by KitNipBox are non-toxic, durable, and perfect for consistent play. We ensure that all of our toys are safe cats and can stand the test of time. We also provide a variety of toys that correlate with a monthly theme to ensure that your kitty’s toy collection stays up-to-date with your cat’s playtime preferences. 

What’s in a KitNipBox?

Every Happy Cat Box from KitNipBox comes with 4 custom-designed cat toys, all-natural treats, and goodies that are exclusively for KitNipBox subscribers. KitNipBox curates every box to suit the needs of your feline friend, which is why we also have a Dietary Box that is specifically curated for cats with dietary restrictions, allergies, or sensitive stomachs. 

Do cats need interactive toys?

Cats need some stimulation to remain active and engaged with their environment. Interactive toys offer a great way to keep your cat entertained while providing much-needed enrichment. Interactive cat toys for indoor cats work wonders since they don’t get the stimulation they would normally get from being outdoors. These toys can take many forms, from wand toys to classic scratch boxes that require manual skill. Most cats will appreciate any attention they can get, so filling their days with interactive play is sure to bring on plenty of purrs and contentment. Enjoy bonding with your furry friend while making sure they stay mentally alert and healthy with interactive toys. 

Which Cat Toys Are Best?

When it comes to choosing the best interactive cat toy can be a tricky task. Fortunately, many cats enjoy a variety of playthings so there’s really no one-size-fits-all option. Feather toys are great for those cats who love batting at and chasing moving objects. Catnip toys are also popular, as cats love the smell of this herb as it enhances their playtime experience. 

What kind of toys do cats enjoy playing with?

Cats love to explore and stay entertained, so it’s no surprise that the best cat interactive toys allow cats to work their bodies and their minds. Toys they can chase give them a chance to emulate their inner hunter! Interactive puzzle toys can also be incredibly stimulating for cats: some include closed boxes filled with treats your kitty has to figure out how to access. Another option is the classic scratching post or mat that will help them exercise their natural scratching instincts without messing up your furniture.