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(Video) Ninja Cat Attacks: Watch This Sneaky Kitty Strike!

Ninja kitty video

More often than not, cats outsmart us humans with their covert and stealthy agendas. Whether they’re sneaking sips from our abandoned cups or sliding into restrooms (just as the door’s shutting), most cats truly are expert ninjas.

There are, however, some kitties who are ninja cats at heart, but haven’t yet achieved that “expert” level status. The kitty featured in this video perfectly encompasses those awkward beginners’ attempts. With a sort-of invisible hiding spot behind an ordinary curtain, this ninja cat surprises and attacks unassuming humans walking by with relative success.





You know what they say? Purractice makes purrfect!

Originally discovered from the YouTube channel Tsuda Ranko, footage of this ninja cat’s tactics was made viral by Japanese Twitter user @k_shibiko and now boasts over 45,000 retweets!