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Cat Goodies: A Few Safety Tips to Keep Your Kitties Healthy!

Cat Goodies: Playtime Supervision

For us as cat people, keeping kitties across the world happy and healthy is the number one priority here at KitNipBox. Whether your cat is devouring treats, playing with toys, or using accessories, we’ve compiled a quick list of tips to make sure your cat goodies can be safely enjoyed by the whole fur family.

Read and review 
The first action when bringing new cat goodies into your home is to review the information provided by the manufacturer on its safety and use. On toys and gadgets, read through the included instructions on proper usage before allowing your cat to play with them. With all treats, it is important to read the nutrition labels and observe the suggested portion sizes as well as any allergies, sensitive tummy issues, etc. When it comes to accessories or apparel, only put them on if your cat is comfortable being a fashionista! If your kitty prefers their birthday suit to anything else, you can always get a picture of them next to the item instead of forcing it on and/or donate it to a cat that is comfortable with it. For hygiene and other items, ensure your cat has no allergies or other negative reactions to them, and always follow the manufacturer’s written instructions on proper use. If necessary or uncertain, it’s always best to consult with your vet first!

Supervise your cat’s playtime oukvekpwv
When introducing a new toy, it’s very important to supervise your cat’s playtime to watch how they interact with the new item. Does it seem like your cat may break a part of the toy? If yes, then be ready to confiscate the toy immediately if a part of it is coming loose, or consider donating the toy to a cat that plays more gently.

Be aware of wear and tear
Each cat is different in their level of play, resulting in a range of wear and tear from normal use. We like to inspect our cat goodies regularly to ensure that nothing could harm our kitties. If there are loose parts or ripped exteriors, it’s best to be cautious and remove the item from your cat’s reach.