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“What is a cat subscription box?” …Only the best thing to ever happen to your cat!

At KitNipBox, we obsess over subscription boxes! We think they’re the perfect way to treat yourself to a fun, perfectly packaged surprise. Perhaps, the only thing we love even more than subscription boxes is cats! So, it’s no wonder why we proudly work for KitNipBox, the #1 cat subscription box!

“…But, wait, hold on,” you might be wondering, “what exactly is a subscription box?” … Happy you asked!

Put simply, a subscription box is a box, filled with curated goodies, that is delivered to someone on a recurring basis (ie: weekly, monthly, or quarterly). For instance, a sweets subscription box might be filled with an assortment of candies and shipped to subscribers once every month.

The concept of a subscription box was coined as recently as 2010, when Katy Beauchamp and Haley Barna first launched Birchbox, a subscription box for make-up and beauty aficionados. Since then, thousands of subscription box companies have sprouted, making it affordable, easy, and more fun (!) for people to try out new products based on their interests.

So… What’s a cat subscription box?

A cat subscription box is just like a subscription box for humans,  except that the goodies inside of it are made just for cats to enjoy (sorry, humans!). Typically, a cat subscription box contains tasty treats, unique accessories, and, most importantly, cat toys!

Why should you subscribe your cats to KitNipBox?

Every KitNipBox has been thoughtfully assembled by people who own and LOVE cats! Safe, unique, and high-quality, the goodies inside KitNipBoxes undergo rigorous testing by humans and cats.

There are many reasons why KitNipBox is the #1 cat subscription box, the most impurrtant of which is that cats LOVE it! Whether they’re leaping for wand toys, kicking crinkle pillows, or going totally bonkers for catnip, cats go nuts for their KitNipBox toys. The joy of unboxing a KitNipBox isn’t just for kitties, though: humans


The fun begins as soon as the box arrives to your doorstep! Whether they’re leaping for wand toys, kicking crinkle pillows, or going totally bonkers for catnip, cats go nuts for their KitNipBox toys.


This is the first thing that cat p


When you subscribe to KitNipBox, you get to watch your kitties literally go bonkers over goodies, treats, and toys that are just for them! For cat parents, there’s nothing better than making thier kitties feel confident, happy, and pla


are plenty of good reasons why KitNipBox is the #1 cat subscription box!

As cat people, the team at KitNipBox knows there’s nothing more heart-warming than watching kitties feel happy, adventurous, and excited! There are so many ways to bring this type of joy into a cat’s life, but

Every month, humans who subscribe to KitNipBox watch their kitties dig into a box, brimming with feather wands, catnip pillows, tasty salmon treats, and even cat bow ties!

Plus, at KitNipBox, all of our boxes are uniquely themed, so cats and their humans have something fun and new to look forward to with every delivery! Take, for example, our “Meowflix and Purr” box, which featured cat toys that looked like bean bag chairs, remote controls, etc.