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What’s The Best Gift for Cats? A KitNipBox Gift Subscription, Of Course!

KitNipBox best gift for cats

What’s the Best Gift for Cats? Glad you asked!

Do you have a best friend, who’s also a hardcore cat lady; a dad, who fawns over his old ginger tabby; or, a sweet, purring kitty you call your own? If you said yes to any of these questions, then you are very lucky! Having a cat, or people with cats, close to your life is extremely beneficial to your health. It also means, however, that you need start finding them all— cats and cat people— a gift for the holidays… But where to find the best gift for cats?



Hang on! This is easy! Sign up your cat, or favorite cat person’s cat, for a gift subscription to KitNipBox! After all, KitNipBox truly *is* the best gift for cats!

What is KitNipBox?

KitNipBox is the #1 cat subscription box! Every month, KitNipBox delivers a box of curated toys, treats, and other goodies right to fur families’ doorsteps!  Plus, each KitNipBox features a clever theme, so cats and their humans have something fun and completely new to look forward to with each delivery.

the best gift for cats

Happy KitNipBox Cat courtesy of @sophielovestuna (Instagram)

Whether it’s Christmas morning or just because, cats always feel extra happy when unboxing their special box of goodies!

Where do I sign up?

If you are setting up a gift subscription for a friend or family member (A. K. A. not your cat), follow the steps provided here. Otherwise, if you are simply setting up a monthly subscription for your own cat, follow the steps provided here. Purrty easy!

Can I provide a special message to the gift recipient? 

When you sign up friends or family for a gift subscription, they will receive an email, notifying them to expect a KitNipBox from you! Currently, we cannot add individual messages or cards in KitNipBoxes. This is something that we are working on, though!

In the meantime, we encourage you to use our printable KitNipBox cards and envelopes, which you can access at any time through this link! They are the purrfect way to tell your gift recipient— cat or human—  about where the gift came from and how much you love ’em! Plus, they are a great way to show your recipient that a special gift is on the way, just in case their box doesn’t arrive on time.