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Not Just For Viral Videos: Why Robot Vacuums for Homes With Cats May or May Not Be a Good Idea

Robot Vacuums for Homes With Cats

Not Just For Viral Videos: Why Robot Vacuums for Homes With Cats May or May Not Be a Good Idea

Robot vacuums for homes with cats can, in fact, provide a great deal of value! Sure, they’ve made their rounds on social media, touting adorable kitties hitching a ride on them throughout the house. While this is undoubtedly adorable, it obviously isn’t the main reason cat owners opt to buy robot vacuums. Actually, over the past 10 years, robot vacuums have improved in intelligence, efficiency, and even dropped in price. So they’re not just for watching cats ride around!

Robot Vacuums for Homes With Cats

Nothing is perfect though, so we are going to let you decide if a robot vacuum is worth it for homes with cats. Let’s break down the pros and cons of robot vacuums.

The Pros of Robot Vacuums for Homes With Cats

They clean more often than you will

Almost all robot vacuums can be set to clean on a schedule. These scheduled cleanings can be as frequent as once or multiple times per day. Unless vacuuming is your life, odds are you’re not going to be able to vacuum your floor nearly as often as a robot vacuum will be able to. Since your robot vacuums clean more often, your floors will be cleaner and stay cleaner.

It’s also worth nothing that if you have allergies to dander from pets, like cats, you’ll find it easier to live in a home with a robot vacuum. Their automated cleaning setting ensures that cat hair gets picked up on a regular basis.

They aren’t as expensive as you think

If you’ve never shopped around for a robot vacuum, it’s easy to assume that they cost $600+. While some upper-level vacuums like the Roomba 980 or 960 do cost that much, a quality robot vacuum can be had for much less.

Most entry-level robot vacuums will do a great job cleaning your home, can run on a schedule and will have no issues keeping cat hair at bay. These lower priced options are generally around the $200 range, which is a considerably more digestible price point for most homeowners.

They can clean when you aren’t home

It’s no question that a robot vacuum is a time saver, especially if you have multiple cats. With an upper-level robot vacuum, you can trust it to intelligently navigate your home and clean up all the pet hair and cat litter that accumulates throughout the day. If you set your schedule to run while you’re out, like during your work hours, you will come home to clean floors without even realizing the vacuum did its job.

Cons of Robot Vacuums

Like I mentioned before, nothing is perfect and robot vacuums aren’t without flaws. If you’re considering a robot vacuum for your home with cats, you may want to take note of some of their drawbacks as well.

If Your Cat Sometimes… Misses The Litter Box, That Can Be A Problem

Whether your cat is just being sassy, or are reminding you that their litter box needs to be cleaned, you can’t assume your cat won’t ever use your rug as a litter box. With a robot vacuum, this means the mess goes from your rug to the rest of your floor

If you’re considering getting a robot vacuum you need to be sure you’re on top of how often you clean your cat’s litter box so they won’t be tempted to use the bathroom on your floor when you aren’t home. If this happens and your robot vacuum is set on a schedule, it likely won’t see the mess and drag it around your home instead.

They Need To Be Emptied Frequently

Unlike a traditional upright vacuum, robot vacuums have a much smaller dust bin. If you have multiple cats that shed a lot, this can mean having to clean the bin after every cleaning cycle.

I have a small two-bedroom apartment with a dog and a cat. I have my robot vacuum set to clean every day and I have to empty the bin every other cleaning cycle. This isn’t a huge problem, especially when you consider all of the benefits of using a robot vacuum. However, it is something to consider before you make the plunge into robo-vac ownership.

If You’ve Got The Money, It’s Worth It.

If you ask me, for a home with pets, especially cats, a robot vacuum is a no-brainer. The benefits of frequent cleanings go a long way toward keeping your home clean. They can be set on a schedule to help keep cat hair and dander at bay. However, they do have drawbacks to consider as well, so if you’re considering purchasing a robot vacuum be sure you know all of the pros and cons!