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4 Best Natural Ways To Improve Your Cat’s Coat

How to Naturally Strengthen Your Cat's Coat

The first thing most people see on your cat is its fur. A cat’s shiny coat connects the cat to its unique breed and signifies how much effort the owner puts into grooming. A matted, ungroomed coat is considered a sign of neglect, while a well-maintained, shiny, and healthy cat coat is a sign of an attentive and proud owner

Sometimes, regardless of your best efforts, the shampoo and money you invest in your cat’s coat just won’t make it shine. In this case, the problem might be a result of unrelated influences. For instance, a good diet can influence your cat’s coat in more ways than you could’ve imagined. Following these 4 tips can help your cat’s coat look shiny and strong without the need for expensive shampoos and excessive time commitments. 

Serve your cat Omegas

Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids are key parts of any mammals’ diet. They help build cell membrane walls and assist in the functioning of the heart – both essential parts of getting nutrients for a healthy cat coat, that looks shiny, and strong. 

So, how to make my cat’s coat shiny? You can incorporate foods into your cat’s diet that have high levels of Omega-3 and -6 nutrients, like cooked fish. Around 2 tbsp of cooked tuna or salmon once a week can prevent hair loss. Adding vegetable oil and flax seeds can help you keep a shiny cat shining. 

If you want a more integrated approach, some cat foods have added Omegas, but make sure there aren’t any other unnecessary additives in the product.

Daily brushing

If you’re wondering how to make a cat’s fur softer, brushing could be the answer. Brushing your cat’s hair not only detangles it but also helps the health of its skin and coat by stimulating oil production. Removing excess cat hair reduces the stress that the living hair strands are under. 

It also ensures nutrients are properly arriving at the follicle. Moreover, brushing helps keep your cat cool in the summer months by removing unnecessary hair. 

Fur strands are stimulated when brushed, which helps strengthen a healthy cat coat, making it look thick and full. It also promotes oil creation, which keeps the skin moisturized. Additionally, brushing pulls the oil down from the skin to the strands and gives them a glossy appearance. 

If you’ve been searching the internet, asking “how to keep my cat’s coat shiny?” Brushing daily might seem like overkill, but it is actually an important part of the routine. 

Choosing the right type of brush for your cat’s coat is just as important as brushing it. Some cats with shorter hair that sheds less only need a metal brush that removes dander and kinks. Longer-haired cats, like Maine Coons, need a gentler brush so you don’t tear the ends of the strands or inflict pain. A rubber friction brush is perfect for this.

Add protein to their diet

Surprisingly, protein is a major component in hair durability. Hair strands are 90% protein, so a protein-full diet is essential to help cat fur coats thrive. Many cat foods are chicken- or meat-rich, but ensuring that the food isn’t high in grains, corn, and wheat as well is imperative.

Making sure you’re feeding your cat high-quality food is important for much more than just having a shiny coat! Once your cat has a diet filled with proteins, and the amino acids that come from them, they will be well on their way to a healthy cat coat!

Get the right products

How to improve a cat’s coat? What you put in your cat’s hair has a big impact on how it looks. Just like with human hair, low-quality shampoos will take a toll on a cat coat over time, and finding the right one for your cat’s hair type is a key to health. Bathing your cat might seem like a daunting task, but maintaining control of the situation and staying calm will help your pet enjoy it. 

Longer-haired cats need something with conditioner in it, while cats with dry skin or other conditions can benefit from natural topical oils, like CBD oil. While CBD is growing in popularity for things like cat anxiety and pain, it can also be used topically for healthy cat fur. The Omegas in it help moisturize the skin and strengthen the hair follicle. Additionally, the natural oil generation CBD oil stimulates is part of what makes your cat’s coat shiny.

Caring for your cat’s coat can seem daunting because it’s so different from human hair. If you follow these easy-to-incorporate tips, though, it’ll become a part of your routine in no time.