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How To Throw The Purrfect Cat Birthday Party

Author bio: This post was submitted by Emma, a professional writer and blogger, with two furry friends and a lot of pet behavioral and pet health knowledge to share. She has written for numerous big animal magazines and health sites, and is a regular contributor to The Catington Post.

Is your cat’s first birthday coming up? The holiday season may be over, but there are still plenty of reasons to celebrate. Throwing a cat birthday party sounds like a great way to get started. But it has to be fun and rewarding for your cat. 

Not sure what to do for a cat’s birthday? This guide gives you tips and ideas on how to throw an epic birthday party for your cat.

Put your cat first

If you’re starting to think about how to celebrate your cat’s birthday, you should get one thing straight: it’s your cat’s birthday party, not yours. So the cat comes first. It may be an opportunity for you to get together with friends and family, but it is super important that you put your cat’s needs first. 

Birthday ideas for cats should be cat-friendly. Prepare exciting cat-oriented gifts, decor, and activities.  Invite your family and friends minus their pets and other items that would make your cat uncomfortable.  

Although your cat loves to play with you, she is truly a solitary creature. They like to hang out solo, and when they feel social, they like being around familiar people. But they don’t like hanging out around strangers. So, put your cat first and think about what your cat would be most comfortable with.

Dress right

Although the birthday party is all about the cat, you shouldn’t show up in your PJs. Your cat birthday party ideas should include getting a nice cat-themed outfit for yourself. On the other hand, you can plan to dress up your cat in a cute birthday outfit. One she looks great while wearing and is an excellent show it off.

Pick a theme and decorate

If you’re still looking for cat birthday ideas for your furry friend, give a theme a try. What’s your cat like? Is she playful and ever active? Or is she grumpy and laid down? It’s unlikely that you will rent a venue for the party. Since you will have the party at home, you can align the theme with your cat’s general disposition and decorate the room. 

Get cat-themed decorations, cat-friendly toys, and playthings like strings and balls of yarn. You could also set up an obstacle for your cat and help her explore and roam. She will absolutely love it. 

As you set up the decor, remember not to fix balloons within the cat’s reach. Cat claws and balloons don’t mix very well. Also, limit decor to items that would stimulate the cat. For example, sound-producing decor like bells and lights. 

Have some fun activities for your cat

We’ve already mentioned that cats love to explore. The easiest way to set up an obstacle course on a budget is by using empty cardboard boxes. 

Hide some treats in different corners of the obstacle course and let her sniff, hunt, and find. Don’t forget to include enrichment toys, strings, and scratching posts. Wear the cat’s paws and try to figure out what would be a thrilling time for her.

Don’t forget the pictures

Everyone will want a memorable photo with the party girl. Instead of asking them to do the impossible – hold the cat and pose for a picture – set up a photoshoot area. 

Set up one part of the room for the photoshoot, and include plenty of treats for the cat. Everyone will get a chance to take a purrfect photo with the feline host.

Have some cat birthday cake!

You cannot have a birthday party without cake. For this party, consider having two cakes, one birthday cake for cats and one for your friends and family. 

There are plenty of cake-like cat foods to pick from. It could be tuna, chicken, or salmon. Pick a cat-cake that will sweep her off her feet. 

The Vets advise, “Cats have very particular nutritional needs, so when you’re baking for them, you’ll require very different ingredients. Try something simple and tuna-based with all-purpose flour and an egg-white.” 

But don’t give the entire serving when there are many people around the house. She will probably pick at it and run off to somewhere more private. Like we mentioned in the opener, cats are solitary and like their privacy. So, serve a little bit, then give some more cat-cake when the guests have left, and you are alone with your kitty.

Finally, plan for an after-party unwinding session

When the party’s over and the guests have left, it’s time for a special moment for your cat. She’s had a busy and exciting day, and you need to help her relax and unwind. 

Set up a cozy spot next to a fresh water supply and let her be alone for a while. She will probably spend some time recharging her batteries. Use this opportunity to look through the photos you took and share them with friends on social media. When it’s all done, pat yourself on the back. You planned and executed the purrfect cat birthday party for your feline fur baby.