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Monthly Cat Toys Loved By Cats & Kittens

KitNipBox cat subscription boxes are a go-to for getting cute cat toys and treats your cat loves every month. Plus, each box comes with a surprise—you never know what your cat will get! With KitNipBox, you can rest assured that all products are safe and healthy for cats. 

Each month, we donate a portion of our cat subscription proceeds and products to shelters, rescues, TNR efforts, and a variety of other feline welfare causes.

The purpose of toys for cats

Cats can get bored easily, especially if they are living indoors. The purpose of cat toys is to keep them active and entertained. Cat toys allow cats to perform behaviors based on natural instincts like scratching, biting, and hunting without causing harm to your or your furniture. 

Benefits of cat toys

Playing with their toys also helps cats to maintain their physical and mental health. Not only do toys provide an important outlet for exercise, but they can also help cats practice their natural hunting and predatory skills. Cat toys also provide critical mental stimulation that allows cats’ minds and bodies to stay healthy as they age. 

Why KitNipBox has the best toys

KitNipBox has the best cat toys because they provide a wide variety of options that are designed to keep cats entertained and engaged. Cat toys for active cats are especially important. This is why each of our toys is designed with unique features such as stimulating textures, crunchy sounds, and interactive play patterns. The toys also come in different shapes and sizes to suit any cat’s needs. Also, all toys for cats sold by KitNipBox are made from safe, non-toxic materials to keep your kitty happy and healthy. 


What are the best cat toys?

Cats are natural hunters and they love to play. But what are the best cat toys? Well, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer as different cats have different preferences. However, there are some types of toys that cats tend to enjoy more than others. Interactive cat toys for cats are a good go-to toy type since these toys help keep cats engaged, occupied, and mentally stimulated. 

What toys do cats like most?

Cats tend to like catnip toys the most. Cats have an innate attraction to catnip toys, because of the herb’s active ingredient known as nepetalactone. This organic compound is found in the leaves and stems of catnip plants, and has been proven to have a stimulating effect on cats when inhaled or ingested. In fact, many cats become more energetic and playful when exposed to catnip, which can include body rolling, running around, and vocalizing.

What toys do indoor cats need?

Indoor cats need toys that help the utilize their natural instincts such as hunting, running, and chasing. Interactive toys, toys that hold treats, and toys that allow you to play games with your cat are all wonderful toys to keep on hand for your indoor cat. 

Do cats really need toys?

Yes, cats need toys. Cats are naturally curious and playful creatures, so it’s important to give them toys that will keep their minds stimulated and entertained. Toys can help cats stay active. Cat toys can also help reduce the risk of obesity and other health problems in cats.