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5 of Our Fave Celebrity Cat Ladies

Katy Perry Dressed as a cat gif

There are many reasons to love cat ladies. They’re unique, smart, independent, classy… Some are even famous!

Considering the pressures associated with their highly demanding lifestyles, it’s no wonder so many celebrities turn into cat ladies. Who doesn’t feel eased by a cat’s purrs and loving head butts?

There are so many wonderful women in the spotlight who raise and praise cats for their truly special qualities. Here are a noteworthy few that we’re purrty big fans of.

Penelope Cruz

Cat Ladies: Penelope Cruz holding Cat

“I would find cats in the street and take them with me,” Penelope Cruz admitted during a Vogue interview. Throughout her years as a young, struggling actress, Cruz described how lonely she felt, living in a tiny LA hotel room and speaking little English. As a means to comfort herself, Cruz raised kitties to support herself with company and love. She recalls raising “a lot of cats in that period” of her life, and eventually finding forever homes for every single one of them.


Taylor Swift

Cat Ladies: Taylor Swift with her hat Olivia Benson

The infamous pop music icon Taylor Swift is a true-blue cat lady. Swift has doned cat accessories, appeared in a Diet Coke commercial with tons of kitty cats, and never hesitates to share moments with her own fur family, Olivia and Meredith, on Instagram. Olivia even made a cameo in Swift’s Blank Spaces music video, which debuted in late 2014.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz with her cat

Cameron Diaz’s icy blue eyes match with her beloved cat’s, Little Man! A proud cat lady, Diaz is known to spoil her cat with an enviable wardrobe. In fact, it’s been reported that Little Man will accompany Diaz on trips to the mall, where she’ll purchase him trendy outfits to strut around in.

Katy Perry

Cat Ladies: Katy Perry with her cat Kitty Purry

Katy Perry adores her two cat sidekicks, Kitty Purry and Monkey. Kitty Purry, in particular, has played a significant role in Perry’s public-facing career. Throughout Perry’s Hello Katy Tour, a large inflatable Kitty Purry head was featured onstage as decoration. Additionally, for post-performance Meet and Greets, Kitty Purry was often included in adoring fans’ pictures with Perry.


Ke$ha holding her cat Mr. Peep$

Ke$ha, the singer behind top hits like Die Young and Tik Tok, is a confessed cat lady and all-around animal lover. A committed Humane Society advocate, Ke$ha has suggested starting a cat cult, and even referred to her cat, Mr. Peep$, as her “soulmate.” To learn more about Mr. Peep$’s whereabouts, you can even follow him on Twitter!

Whether it’s acting, singing, or captivating us on television, we admire these women for their outstanding talents. We personally and directly relate to them, however, for their outward love and compassion towards kitty cats.   
Peace. Love. Meow.