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Cat-Themed Phone Wallpapers

Cat Licking Catoon Phone Wallpaper

Let’s face it. When it comes to good looks, your smartphone appears dull, bland and devastatingly basic next to your cat. If your phone had a human brain, it’s likely that it would feel envious of your cat’s unique sense of style and je ne sais quoi elegance.
All in all, comparing your phone’s looks to that of your cat’s is a fruitless effort: your cat will always look better than your phone. This fact of life is nothing to lament, however, for there is a super easy way to make your phone look and feel almost as lovely as your pretty kitty: simply update your phone’s wallpaper to be cat-themed!

No need to scour the web for clawsome wallpapers to download. We’ve done the dirty work for you…

1) Too much catnip, huh?

Trippy Cat-Themed Phone Wallpaper

2) Home decor goals are nothing without a cat

Cat With Modern Cat-Themed Wallpaper

3) Answer your phone with…

Meow Cat-Themed Phone Wallpaper

4) Such a purrty illustration

Cat-Themed Illustration Phone Wallpaper

5) This is just cat-themed fun

Cat-Themed Heads Illustration Wallpaper for Smartphones

6) Ma-cat-a-rons!? Oui pui!

Macaroon Cat-Themed Wallpaper

7) Beclaws you can always count on your fur baby for little pick-me-up

Positive Cat-Themed Phone Wallpaper


Cat-Themed Phone Wallpaper

9) Hipster humans are not as hip as hipster cats

Hipster Cat-Themed Phone Wallpaper

10) Showing luff

Cat-Themed Love Phone Wallpaper

11) Meow!

Hello Cat-Themed Phone Wallpaper

12) Kisses (because you can never have too many, especially when they come from your kitty)

Cat-Themed Licking Cartoon Wallpaper