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Humans and Kitties: Welcome to the Cat’s Meow!

Gif of a Kitten Meowing

Meow, meow, meow…OH MY CATS! It’s finally here!

…We’re not talking about your cat’s subscription box. No, no. Us humans at KitNipBox are talking about how pawsitively thrilled we are to introduce The Cat’s Meow to the internets! After spending months examining cat products, accessories, and trends, we’re finally ready for this blog to be read by your purrty human eyes.

You may be asking yourself, “why is this blog called The Cat’s Meow?” A purrfectly reasonable question.

Let’s start off by exploring Merriam-Webster’s plain and simple definition: The Cat’s Meow represents “a highly admired person or thing.” We believe that this interpretation purrfectly describes the standard of content we hope to produce, as well as the types of people we think will enjoy it. Whether you’re a cat lady, cat daddy, or a regular ‘ol cat-loving person, you inspire us. We fully intend to satisfy all of your cat fascinations, questions, and obsessions, right here in this very sunny spot. Cat puns will be used in meowderation. Well, we’ll try.

There’s more to the title of our blog, though: There is, and always will be, the pure fact that we love, love, love nothing more than the sweet music of a cat’s meow. It’s a kitty’s adorable way of letting us know that something’s up! Cats meow about their longings for love, attention, food, and, of course, world domination. They meow because they have so many important things to tell us, and it’s our duty to listen.

Let us be your bridge between cat-speak and human-speak.

Peace. Love. Meow.

Credit: featured image