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How To Find The Best Name For Your Kitten

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Are you getting ready to welcome a new furry friend into your home? Getting a new kitten is an exciting time, and there’s so many things that you need to consider when you’re preparing to bring your kitten home, and one of those is picking the perfect name. Stuck on a name for your kitten? Read on to get some great ideas.

Make It Easy To Say

First thing’s first, don’t make your kitten’s name overly complicated or hard to pronounce. “Cats won’t come as easily as dogs when you call them, so you don’t want their name to be too difficult” says Aaron Fletching, a writer at Studydemic and UK Essay services reviews. “With a simpler name, they’re more likely to react when you call them by it.”

It’s very tempting to start giving your kitten nicknames, but it’s worth holding out, at least at first. You want them to learn their name, and the simpler you make it, the better it will be.

Work With Their Appearance

When thinking of names for your kitten, sometimes the answer will be directly in their appearance. Think of all the black cats with white paws out there named Socks, for example. If you’re stuck, try and take inspiration from the way they look.

The color of their fur could be enough to help you. For example, an orange cat would work well being called ‘Pumpkin’. If you’re getting a long haired breed, they tend to have a more distinguished appearance. As such, a ‘people’ name would be perfect for them. Think Kate, Oliver, Leo, or Elizabeth.

Make It A Family Name

Your kitten is going to become part of your family, so why not use that when you’re picking a name for them? You can use the cultural heritage found in your own name to pick out a name that would suit your kitten perfectly. If you’re multilingual, even the name for ‘kitten’ in your home language could work well.

You can also work their name to fit in with the names of your kids. If all your kids’ names start with the letter A, then why not pick another A name for them?

Use Your Pet’s Personality

As well as their appearance, you can take your cat’s personality when you’re picking out a name for them. When you bring them home, you may feel you have to name them right away. However, you can take your time and get to know your kitten first. That will help you pick a name out for them.

How do they behave when they’re at home? Are they a terror who loves climbing the drapes and generally causing havoc? Then a name like ‘Scamp’ would fit them perfectly. Are they the kind of cat that loves nothing more than to snooze in a sunbeam? Then you may decide to call them ‘Sleeping Beauty’. Take some time and find a name that fits them perfectly.

Consider Their Breed

If you know your kitten’s breed, then this can inspire their name too. It’s a good place to go if you’re really stuck trying to find a name that suits them. “Think about the history of that breed” says Fiona Morgan, a journalist from Rated Writing and Assignment Services. “That will give you a lot of inspiration.”

For example, if you have a Persian or Siamese cat, ‘Prince’ or ‘Duchess’ would work well. For a Scottish Fold, why not try ‘Angus’? There are lots of ideas if you go at it from this approach.

Remember You’ll Be Using The Name For Years

Finally, when picking out a name, remember that your cat could easily live be 20, or older. As such, you’re going to be calling that name for a long time.

When you think of a name, consider whether it will suit your kitten when they’re an adult cat. Will it still work? If you’re planning to name them after something that’s popular now, you’ll also need to consider whether you’ll still like that name in the future.

There are lots of ways to name your kitten, so use these tips to help you find the perfect name for yours. Take your time, and find something that suits them perfectly.

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