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Do Cats Miss Their Owners? 6 Signs Your Cat Misses You

Cat missing it's owner

Image by Rebeca Moncholí from Pixabay

Many cat owners have pondered the question “do cats miss their owners when they go on holiday?” It is impossible to know exactly how a cat feels when its owner is not at home. Cats can experience feelings of loneliness, depression, and anxiety when their pet parent is not around, but this varies from cat to cat.

Can cats miss you? It turns out that many pieces of research confirm: yes, cats can miss their owners when they are not with them. They may not show it in the same way that dogs do, but kitties can form strong bonds with their owners and can become very attached. Cats may meow, become more vocal, or express other signs of distress when their lovely people are gone.

Most Common Signs Your Cat Misses You

Cats will miss their owners when they are gone, but the response to a cat missing you may vary. Some kitties may express their sadness through purring, meowing, or following their owner around, while others may show no outward signs of sadness. Here are some common signs your cat missed you:

  1. Meowing and Crying

One of the most common signs your cat misses you is meowing and crying. Your pets may meow to get your attention or because they feel lonely.

  1. Increased Affection

Kitty may show increased affection towards their pet parents. This could include purring, rubbing against you, and even kneading you with their paws.

  1. Following You Around

Cats may follow you around the house or even outside if they miss you. This is their way of trying to get your attention and be near you.

  1. Sleeping in Your Spot

Furry friends may also sleep in your spot as if they are trying to take your place. This could be a sign that your cat misses you and wish you were there with them.

  1. Loss of Appetite

Cats may lose their appetite. This is because they may be feeling stressed or anxious without you around. But sometimes it’s something more than missing, it could be some health problems, so it’s better to have an insurance alternative for cats in case of emergency.

  1. Excessive Grooming

Kitties may excessively groom themselves when they miss their owners. This is because they are trying to cope with their emotions.

Reasons Your Cat Notices the Absence of You

  1. They Miss Your Attention 

Cats are very social creatures and crave attention. They will miss you when you’re away because you’re the source of their love and affection.

  1. They Miss Playing With You

Kitties love to play and interact with their owners. They will miss playing with and chasing you when you aren’t at home.

  1. They Miss Your Scent

Cats have an amazing sense of smell and will miss your scent when you aren’t around.

  1. They Miss Snuggling With You

Kitties can be quite cuddly and will miss snuggling up on your lap when you’re away.

  1. They Miss Having You Around

Cats are creatures of routine and will miss having you around.

How to entertain your cat when you’re not at home

When you are not at home, your cat should be safe and secure. It is recommended to keep your kitty in a room or area of your home that is temperature-controlled and safe from any hazards. Besides all these general and necessary things, you can also help your cat to cope with missing you around in several ways:

  1. Place a scratching post near a window for your cat to watch the birds or other wildlife.
  2. Leave a radio or TV on for your furry friend to listen to.
  3. Provide your cat with plenty of stimulating toys, such as catnip-filled mice, balls, and feather wands.
  4. Set up a cat tree or kitty condo to give your pet a place to climb and explore.
  5. Leave a few shallow dishes of water around the house for your kitty to drink from when thirsty.
  6. Place a few pet-safe plants around the house to provide your cat with some natural greens.
  7. Invest in an automatic laser toy that your cat can play with while you’re away.

It is difficult to know exactly what cats understand, but they do certainly seem to recognize and appreciate being around people they know and trust. They may not understand the concept of love as humans do, but kitties can certainly sense when someone cares for them and shows them kindness.

There are many ways to show love to your cat, including:

  1. Spend quality time with your cat by petting, brushing, and playing with them.
  2. Give your cat treats and catnip.
  3. Provide a safe and comfortable place for them to sleep.
  4. Provide plenty of stimulating toys and scratching posts.
  5. Talk to them in a calming and loving way.
  6. Give them a massage or brush them.
  7. Provide a fresh, clean litter box.
  8. Take them for regular check-ups at the vet.


Do cats miss their owners? Yes. Your cat may be missing you when you are away. If you think it’s true about your kitty, try to spend more time with them and provide extra attention and love.