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7 Signs Your Cat Loves You More Than Anything

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It’s easy to tell when your cat isn’t in the best mood, but how do you tell when they’re showing affection? We want to believe that we adore our cats as much as they adore us, but you may be unsure of how to know if your cat loves you. How do we know that they love us and aren’t just tolerating our presence?

Many people claim that cats are cold and aloof compared to dogs because cats are generally more reserved when it comes to showing affection. However, it could be something as simple as learning to read your cat’s body language. Here are seven signs your cat loves you!

While your cat may not display all of the following cat love signs, it’s most likely going to be easy to pick out at least one or two. This will give you the reassurance you need to ensure your cat loves you.

1. Kneading

Kneading is one of the signs cats love you. Kneading is an action where your cat rhythmically moves their front paws. This behavior is a repeated motion from when your cat was a tiny kitten. When kittens nurse, they press their paws against the mother cat’s side to stimulate the flow of milk. This creates a positive association with warmth, security, and joy.

A lot of the time, your cat will plop down on your lap and start this rhythmic movement. If they start kneading any part of your body, you now know that this is a special sign that your cat is happy. They trust you, and they’re happy to be with you.

2. Rubbing Cheeks

Has your cat ever came up to you and started rubbing their cheek against your body? That’s one of the signs your cat loves you. You’ve most likely seen them rub their cheeks against furniture, and your cat does this behavior to make their turf feel like they own it. Eventually, the cat will move from rubbing on the furniture to your hands or legs when you pet them.

The reason behind this action is that there are glands at certain points in your cat’s face. When they rub them against something, the glands will secrete an oil. This oil marks you as your cat’s person.

3. Purring

As one of the most recognizable signs that cats love you, purring can be soft or very loud. This humming noise is one of your cat’s earliest sensations, and your cat may seem to vibrate as they purr. The purring noise is usually accompanied by other visual cues that your cat is happy.

They could knead or curl up in your lap. Some cats do also purr when they’re nervous, but it’s usually fairly straightforward and easy to tell if your cat is happy or unhappy by looking at them.

4. Slow Blink

Nervous cats won’t usually hold your eye contact, but a comfortable one will. Cats usually save prolonged eye contact for the people they trust and know, and this is where the rumor that cats are aloof come in. They can be for new people.

Next time your cat stares at you, stare back. They should do a slow blink to indicate that they trust you. If your cat does, slow blink back at them. Your cat may even keep their eyes closed for a few seconds before opening them and refocusing on your line of vision. This is one of the signs a cat loves you.

5. Bringing Gifts

You’re most likely familiar with the ritual of your cat bringing you gifts like small, dead animals or toys. This is a way that your cat shows they love you. Whatever your cat decides to hunt outside or around the house, they usually want to share it with the people they love.

If your cat presents you with one of these gifts, they expect you to praise them. If you do, it’s a form of bonding. They’ll continue to bring you gifts as their mother brought them gifts for food when they were younger.

6. Curve Their Tail

Your cat’s tail is going to be one of your greatest allies when you try to figure out their mood, and it can give visual cues to a broad range of things. Next time your cat walks across the floor, look at their tail. I noticed that it was always curved at the top like a slight question mark.

This is a good indicator that your cat is happy. They may also fluff out the base of their tails, and they make it quiver a little. This could mean that your cat is content, happy, and trusts you.

7. Grooming

If you have more than one cat in your household like I do, it’s common to see them grooming each other. Grooming lets your cats relieve stress and allow their scents to mingle. Your cat could transfer this grooming behavior to you.

Your cat may lick your hair, hand, face, or any part of your body they can reach. You can return the favor by pulling out a brush and giving them a quick groom with it. If your cat licks your face or ears, this is a huge sign of trust. You’re bigger than your cat as well, so they want your scent on them as a form of protection.

If your cat does any of these seven behaviors, it’s a good indication that they love you. Keep an eye out for different signs that your cat loves you. You never know, the results may just surprise you!

Author: Brian Harvey

Brian Harvey is a proud cat parent and animal enthusiast who lives in the Northwestern United States with two cats. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling around with his pets, exploring new places, and writing. You can check out more of his work on his site,