Weekly Cat Roundup

The KitNipBox Weekly Cat Roundup: Welcome, Cats, Kittens, And, hoomans!

KitNipBox weekly cat roundup

Welcome to the KitNipBox Weekly Cat Roundup!

The purrfect cat roundup for cat people who need to know everything cat-related!

Whether they’re pouncing, purring, or cuddling, cats never fail to convince us that this world is, in fact, a beautiful place to make biscuits in. It’s a well-known fact that any time spent with cats is never time wasted. Unfortunately, however, we cannot be around our precious fur babies 110% of the time (devastating, we know). Our weekday office grinds, grocery hauls, and occasional gym routines require that we depart our cat-ified homes for the so-called “real world.”

So, what do we do when we cannot instantly headbutt our kitties? We power up our iPhones and watch AT LEAST 10 cat videos and laugh at AT LEAST 100 cat memes per day. Frequent consumption of cat content is necessary to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and we highly suggest that everyone try it out.

It’s in this spirit that we are launching this brand-spanking new weekly cat roundup! This series will provide you with a quick break-down of all the very serious, weekly news about… Wait for it… CATS! Packed with cat videos, pictures, stories and funnies, this roundup is your purrfect cat fix for when you’re A. F. K. (Away From Kitty)!

So, without further ado, we present to you our first ev-fur KitNipBox Weekly Cat Roundup! Enjoy, kitties (and hoomans!).

This week, we’re opening up with a spotlight on Luna! This Bengal kitty posted an adorable #TBT on her Instagram (@luna.bengal) as a reminder for you to think before you drink because there *could* be a cute little kitten in your wine glass…


@luna.bengal: Weekly Cat Roundup Pic

Spawcial shout-out to King Henry for seducing us with his purrfect eyes and matching polka dot tie, courtesy of Furry&Fancy. If only all men could look so good (or tie their ties as well).




Over on the “WOAH IS THIS TRUE??” front, Snopes revealed that an 85-year-old woman did not, in fact, train 65 cats to steal valuables from her neighbors. While it makes sense that this story is totally fake (cats don’t want fancy jewelry, they want treats!), it shouldn’t convince people that cats cannot be trained.




Don’t believe us? Check out the notorious Acro-Cats! This troupe of preciously orphaned and stray felines tour the USA to show off their tricks to adoring fans (check out their pawsome videos here!). Through positive reinforcement clicker training, these circus kitties can jump through hoops, weave through legs, and strum guitar stings. Meeee-ow!



Another FURbulous week of feline magnificence, indeed. Wouldn’t you agree, Smoothie? Smoothie agrees!