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Introducing Catarina’s Cool Cat Lady Fashion Series: Let’s Meet Paul & Joe

Paul & Joe cat loving fashion

Introducing Catarina’s Cool Cat Lady Fashion Series.

Long gone are the days when cat ladies had a bad reputation. The term “crazy cat lady”, once associated with lonely, reclusive women obsessed over their 30 cats, has nothing to do with any real cat lady. Today, we finally recognize cat ladies for being the independent, fierce, cat-loving women they have always been. We’re not crazy. We’re COOL!

Seeking to incorporate their love of felines into their everyday lifestyles, many cat ladies sport chic, cat-inspired outfits to match their cool personalities –and that’s where I step in! In this series, I’ll share with you some amazing brands and designers who love cats and fearlessly showcase this sentiment through their garments.

Up first: the cat-loving fashion label, Paul & Joe. 

Behind the Paul & Joe universe is a French woman, Sophie Mechaly, who named the brand after her two sons. Sophie broke the 90’s fashion codes of minimalism and grunge by creating fun and colorful collections. She brought the French joie de vivre to her clothes (and still does!).

Not surprisingly, her favorite animal is the cat, and that’s so visible in her work, especially if you pay attention to the second line of the brand, Paul & Joe Sister, or her beauty line.

cat lady fashion series- paul & joe

It’s impossible not to fall in love with the most amazing cat prints in dresses and tops, embroidered kittens peeking from little pockets, or the iconic cat shaped lipsticks in cases with the same patterns as the clothing. Any cat lover simply cannot resist! 

The current Paul & Joe Sister collection has plenty of cat cuteness to choose from. I totally love the A-line “Mexicat” skirt, or the sweet pink shirt with the embroidered cat.

The denim and the yellow shirts are also adorable! Just as the t-shirt with pink and white stripes, which makes me think of strawberry ice-cream in the summer. Don’t you want it all? With such beautiful clothes, the only thing missing is a sprinkle of cat hair and we’re good to go!