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6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Dating a Cat Lady

Dating a cat lady

There are plenty of pawsitively stellar women in the world, but cat ladies hold a notable place in our hearts. While many have already found a special someone to snuggle up with, there are still plenty of single cat ladies in the dating scene too. Unique, smart, and incredibly patient, a cat lady has all of the charming qualities that should make you swipe right every time. Check ‘em out!


Expresses Confidence.

There’s an unfortunate stigma around cat ladies. She’s fully aware that this sentiment exists, and she couldn’t give two meows about it. She’s proud of her life with cats. She struts her cat ladiness around like a badge of honor. Fluff the haters.


Acts Responsibly.

Cat ladies don’t just swoon over their cats; rather, they also feel a powerful obligation to maintain and uphold their wellbeing. “Cat lady” is just another way of saying “cat mom,” after all. From cleaning out litter boxes to scheduling annual vet check-ups, a cat lady knows how to take extra good care of the ones she loves (and you could be one of ‘em!).  


Knows that Sharing is Caring.

Living with a cat means that everything you own, by default, also belongs to the cat. A cat lady’s bed, laptop, and glasses of water are all fair game for her purr baby’s naps and entertainment. So, If you’re feeling extra hungry at dinner and want to pick off your date’s plate, a cat lady won’t hold it against you.


Appreciates the Little Things.

If you’re into no-frills, sweet and simple dates, a cat lady’s just the type of gal for you. Being a cat parent means learning to appreciate the small, yet meaningful gestures of endearment that cats bestow. Kitty purrs, head bonks, and snuggles are all that’s needed to make her feel better about basically anything in life.


Values Traveling.

If you love to travel, you’ll definitely connect with the travel bug that squirms within many cat ladies. Without question, cat ladies love spending quality time at home with their kitty cats. They also, however, acknowledge the value of taking a break from the norm. Understanding the self-sufficient nature of felines, a cat lady will, psychologically speaking, feel more at ease leaving her kitty at home with a trusted, loving sitter while she jet sets to new destinations.

Bear in mind: Your date may feel intense pangs of longing for her best fur friend while noshing on sushi in Tokyo. Cheer her up by following lunch with a trip to a cat cafe!


Tolerates Moodiness.

Once she arrives back home from a longer-than-usual vacation, a cat lady knows to expect some why were you away for so long?? cattitude. This isn’t unusual. Like many humans, cats can behave temperamentally. Sometimes a cat just neeeeds you to give them all the attention in the world. Other times, they just want to eat and sleep. Cat ladies will remain understanding throughout these ups and downs – an incredible display of patience that typically translates to their relationships with other humans. Like her inexplicably strong bond with her kitty, a cat lady realizes that her relationship with you can persevere, whatever hiccups may arise along the way.


Photo credit: @catsandwomen // @lojafelicis (Instagram).