Cat Love, Catmas

8 Reasons to Seriously Fall in LOVE with Catmas

Cat with Santa hat

Humans love Christmas for many, many reasons, but we believe cat people get to love the holiday just a little bit more than the rest! Why is this so? Well, every regular Christmas activity for a cat parent gets a sprig of extra kitty cat flare, turning everything that was originally just Christmas into Catmas.

Here are just some of the reasons why being a cat parent during Catmas rocks!


1) It’s funny and adorable to watch cats get just as serious about presents as humans.


"BOX!!!!!!!" @luna_the_rescue (Instagram)

@luna_the_rescue (Instagram)


2) Cat parents don’t just admire their peaceful tree. Rather, they watch their kitties defy all fears of heights.


Catmas tree chill

“A REAL cat tree!”
@wscottkardel (Instagram)


3) And tear it all down…


Catmas tree down

“It was defs the dog!”
@duchess_of_westchester (Instagram)


Catmas tree collapse

“Well. Maybe I did do it. So what!?”
@geekypoo (Instagram)


4) Sipping hot cocoa is okay, but it’s made approximately 100 times better when a cat’s curled up next to you.


"I luff mew" @syydneyypaul (Instagram)

“I luff mew”
@syydneyypaul (Instagram)


5) Wrapping presents is a cinch when you have a helping paw around.


Catmas wrapping problems

“Can’t wait for the human to roll this out so I can sits on it!”
@the3muskitters (Instagram)


Catmas wrapping problems 2

“All set!”
@tigre_the_terrible (Instagram)


6) Cat people get to play the supurr special role of Santa Claws by smacking a bow on the December KitNipBox  and stashing it away for Catmas morning.


"Posin' wif my gifts"

“Posin’ wif my gifts”

"No more pics. I've been a good kitty..." Onion (via Katie B.)

“No more pics. I’ve been a good kitty…”
Onion (via Katie B.)


7) It’s really cute to watch your cat strutting around in a chunky Catmas sweater. Not all cats are into them (neither are all people), so we wouldn’t force kitties into it, but some cats totally own the look like it’s 1979.


Catmas sweater kitty

“Pass da purrgg nogg to me!”
@willowthesquishycat (Instagram)


8) If you’re a cat person, you already have the best Catmas gift ever: a best fur friend forever.


Catmas love

“Oh, human! I love celebrating Catmas with mew!!”
@hopeyoung (Instagram)

Catmas cuddle time

“Let’s never move”
@nanasbasement (Instagram)