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Don’t Forget Your Kitties This Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals for cats

Who is ready to spoil their cats? Our furkids need a lot of TLC, and now is the perfect time to replenish a few new items or try something new!  

Kitty snuggled with a pawesome design by Sew Kawaii By Kathryn!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two great days to find deals you wouldn’t normally find at any other time. So after you’re done with that turkey, take a comfy seat on the couch and start browsing for some pawesome savings! A great way to find out about specific deals is by following your favorite brands on social media. You may also be surprised at how many small handmade businesses with very unique items offer deep discounts as well!  Here are some gift ideas your cat will surely love this holiday season:

1. Catnip Toys

A kitty enjoying their pawesome box of fun!

2. Bandanas (to show off their holiday style)

Adorable bandana designed by Sew Kawaii By Kathryn!

3. Cat Trees

There are so many different types of cat trees to choose from! (Source)

4. Wand Toys

Kitties enjoying a wand toy!

5. Cat Beds

There are so many fun, different types of beds for kitties to enjoy! (Source)

6. Scratching Posts

Kitty with a cat scratching post! (Source)

7. Interactive Robotic Toys

Kitty digging into a KitNipBox of fun!

8. Interactive Hide-and-Seek Cat Toy Boxes (Here’s a great one to make out of your KitNipBox!)

A fun, interactive game for kitties, made out of a KitNipBox! Click here for the demo!

9. Rattling Fuzzy Mice (tried and true, but kitties love them!)

Mice toys are always popular. (Source)

10. Crinkle Toys

Gorgeous designs by Sew Kawaii By Kathryn!

11. Your Kitties’ Favorite Treats

KitNipBox features nutritious and healthy treats in their boxes!

Don’t forget to check out the great designs at Sew Kawaii By Kathryn, some of which were featured in this post, and don’t miss out on KitNipBox’s Black Friday promotion for 25% off your first order with the code BlackFriday25! Kitties will love a pawesome box of goodies under their Catmas tree! It’s a great way to send cheer to your furry family members all year! Happy Meowlidays!