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November is National Adopt a Senior Pet Month

Fluffy cat

November is National Adopt a Senior Pet Month! This month, consider helping a senior kitty find their furever home!

Senior pets often have a great deal of trouble finding homes and are often overlooked by prospective adopters at animal rescues and shelters. So why should you consider adopting an older kitty into your family? Read on!

  1. Senior kitties are often calmer and more patient! This can be a great addition for families with young children, seniors, and for families that have never had a pet before. Older kitties often require less energy and can be great companions!

2) Older pets often have a history of living in homes, and may be house-trained when you adopt! This allows you to bypass having to train your kitty on how to use the litter box, as chances are, they will be familiar with it and will require less monitoring. 

3) You can get a better idea of a kittyโ€™s personality, the older that they are! It can be difficult to judge the personality of a young kitten, as they are still maturing and developing. With older kitties, youโ€™ll be able to tell right away if their personality will be a match with yourโ€™s!

Kitty takes a lovely snooze on their human's lap.

4) Senior shelter pets are grateful adoptees! Unfortunately, seniors are often overlooked at animal shelters, which leaves them at great risk. By adopting a senior kitty, youโ€™re saving a life and allowing them to enjoy their golden years in a loving home, while receiving the love of a sweet cat in return! Sounds like a win-win to us!

While adopting a senior pet can come with its own challenges, the rewards are enormous. This month, consider bringing an older kitty home fur the holidays!