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Kicking Off Our Forever Home Series!

Forever Home Kitty

Many people dream about turning their empty house into a forever home for a kitty, but don’t feel prepared enough to actually take the plunge. Doubt-laden questions emerge, like: “is my home big enough for a kitty?”, “Am I financially prepared for potential vet visits?”, or “Who will take care of my cat when I go on vacation?” These questions are completely normal and absolutely worth asking. After all, day to day life definitely does change after taking in a kitty (though, we think that it’s for the better!).

While the hesitation to move forward with fostering or adopting a cat is extremely common and respectable, it’s also easy to address with the right educational resources and environmental support. That’s why we’ve decided to write a few informative blog posts that focus on helping people develop their cat parenting capabilities.

Throughout the span of this December and 2017, we’ll be discussing the ins and outs of adopting, fostering, and volunteering, as well as the critical questions and precautions that everyone should address before welcoming a cat into their forever home (or foster haven!). Some aspiring cat parents may be surprised to learn about how qualified they are to take on the responsibility!

This series is crafted just for people who think they might be ready to become forever or foster cat parents. As we publish articles around this topic, we will be open to any and all of your suggestions. Feel free to voice any points, questions, ideas, or concerns that deserve to be explored in the comments below. We aim to make this series as thorough and informative as possible, but that can only be accomplished with your help and feedback!