Mew Years

5 Of Your Cat’s Mew Year’s Resolutions

Cat New Year's resolutions

Kitties can be pretty naughty, repeating the same offenses, time and time again. We love them so much, though, that we unhesitatingly forgive these transgressions (after all, purrs and headbutts make everything better). This Mew Year’s Eve, however, some little fur balls got together and scratched out a few resolutions that they purromise to keep for, realistically speaking, five minutes. So, between 12:00 and 12:05 AM on January 1st, 2017, you can look forward to your cats following through with these pawsome resolutions!


“This Mew Year’s…”


"Look! I'm already bein' a good kitty" @willi1113 (Instagram)

“Look! I’m already bein’ a good kitty”
@willi1113 (Instagram)


“I will start drinking out of my own drinking bowl and stop drinking out of your cup”



Mew Years Resolution: Won't Drink Out Of Your Cup

“Oooh a human water bowl”
@jeevesthemainecoon (Instagram)


“I will stop sitting on your keyboard as you type”



Mew Years Resolutions: I won't sit on your keyboard anymore

“A warm keyboard? Purrfect! I sits”
@ultra_thecutiepie (Instagram)


“I won’t ask to go outside, just because, and then immediately change my mind. I will ask to go outside because I really, truly feel like it”



"I changed my miiiiinnnndddd!" @uyjewellery (Instagram)

“I changed my miiiiinnnndddd!”
@uyjewellery (Instagram)


“I won’t be your 7AM alarm clock”



Mew Years Eve Resolution: I won't be your alarm clock

“Rise and shine and gimme more pets, human!”
@clutterbug_me (Instagram)


“I will meow for food only when I’m actually hungry”



Mew Years eve resolutions: will only meow when hungry

“We think we feel a hungry! Go to the kitchen and feed us!”
@kitroku (Instagram)

If you ask us, these are some pretty pawsome Mew Year’s resolutions! We won’t be disappointed in the slightest if our kitties forget about making them, though. We love how much our cats spoil us with purrs and headbutts all year long, and we love spoiling them!