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February Is National Pet Dental Health Month

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February is National Pet Dental Health Month! Your Kitty’s dental health is super important, in fact, it is even more important than your own as our fuzzy friends need us to make sure their pointy teeth, as well as their gums and tongue are good and clean!

Take care of your cat's teeth!

Did you know that 70% of cats will develop some form of oral disease by the age of three? The American Veterinary Dental Society and the Foundation for Veterinary Dentistry state that ignoring your pet’s dental health could lead to more severe secondary diseases like heart or kidney disease. Who likes to be kissed by a cat with stinky breath? Not us! The leading cause of bad breath for cats is the build-up of bacteria in the mouth. Over time the bacteria form plaque that sticks to their teeth and can calcify into tartar, which is difficult to remove. The resulting tartar can develop into periodontal disease, resulting in eroded and bleeding gums, bad breath, and pain.

Brush your cat’s teeth regularly.

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) recommends that you brush your pet’s teeth every day! Not surprisingly, cats are generally not big fans of having their teeth brushed. If your cat is like most we know, this may be a very daunting task! Certain cat treats have been developed to help humans battle their cat’s plaque, tartar, and bad breath without having to risk their limbs! After all, periodontal disease in cats is a serious threat to your cat’s health, and should not be taken lightly.

Oral examinations help prevent and detect dental disease and ensure your cat’s overall dental health ➡️

Did you know cats can also suffer from periodontal disease, just like us?

What better way to help them clean their teeth then with healthy dental treats from Emerald Pet? And we have some good news for you!  Some of February’s KitNipBoxes will feature these delicious, natural treats to help subscribers keep their furiends’ teeth in the best condition even when a daily brushing is not feasible.  

Now, who’s ready for that kitty kiss?

By Glenn Novotny and the Team at Emerald Pet