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Hidden Dangers for Your Cat! 6 shocking dangers at home

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Cats are so thoroughly a part of our family that sometimes it’s easy to forget that, while our home may seem safe to us, perfectly ordinary objects can pose a huge danger for our feline friends. While most cat owners are aware of obvious dangers, like open flame or unclosed doors, some of these hazards are things you would never expect!

1. Twist Ties

Twist ties are dangerous to cats if swallowed!
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Harmless when holding a bag of bread closed, these innocent-looking little ties can send your cat to the vet if swallowed! Twist ties contain an inner wire. This could become lodged in your cat’s throat, or become entangled as it moves through their digestive system. Other small household items like hair ties or plastic tabs can be dangerous if swallowed, too

Only provide your cat with toys you know have been extensively safety-tested. Your kitty might enjoy improvised toys, but a good rule of thumb is to consider whether you would give a toy to an infant before giving it your cat! Just like a baby, cats use their mouths to explore objects they’re curious about, and anything that would be dangerous if swallowed should be immediately suspect.

2. Washing Machines

Washing machines pose a danger to kitties.
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These seemingly-innocent household appliances can be deadly to cats! Cats love dark, confined hiding holes, and your washing machine might just seem like the perfect place. Always check washer loads thoroughly before closing the door. A particular danger lies in automatically locking doors. These doors keep the appliance securely closed during use, which can make it difficult to open if you realize your cat is inside. Dryers pose a similar danger, especially to a cat that loves sleeping on fresh laundry!

3. Alcohol

Alcohol can be harmful to kitties.
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Alcohol can pose another danger to the kitties in your household! Alcoholic beverages, as well as some medications, dyes, inks, cleaning products, gasoline, perfumes, and even mouthwash, can contain ethanol, which is toxic and can poison your pets and damage their nervous system. Additionally, some fermented food products, such as rotten apples or bread dough, can also be harmful if ingested, so it’s important to remember to keep your trash can closed and away from where your kitty can explore. While it may be tempting to allow your cat a sip of your wine at the end of the day, this is one party that’s not safe for your fur friend to attend!

4. Yarn

Yarn can be dangerous when ingested by cats.
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Even when providing your kitty with safe, fun toys, make sure you always read the labels for safety information and supervise them during play. No matter how high-quality or well-made the toy, try to remember that cats’ paws aren’t as good for getting kitties out of trouble as human hands!

5. Human medication

Sad orange cat and red pills closeup
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In 2015, human medications topped the ASPCA’s list of hazards to pets! The ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center saw more than twenty-seven thousand poisoning cases involving human medications, which accounted for a whopping 16% of inquiries. Don’t let your kitty become a statistic! Treat any and all human medications as potentially dangerous to your cat family, and keep them locked out of reach at all times.

6. Paint chips

Could there be any other sources of lead in your home other than paint?
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Paint chips, or any other source of lead in the home, are extremely dangerous to your kitty. Lead poisoning can cause vomiting and diarrhea or worse with repeated exposure. Other possible sources of lead in the home include car batteries and decorative ceramic bowls or plates. Only ever serve your cat food and water from bowls made by a trusted pet brand.

This cat is sitting just in front of its safe place!
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Is your cat safe at home? Are there any other shocking dangers we need to know about? We look forwarding to hearing your thoughts in the comments section below, or reach out to us on social media on Facebook or Instagram!