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Pondering Pet Protein: How Much Protein Your Pet Should Get

How much protein should a cat get

How well do you understand your cat’s nutritional needs? Did you know that it needs protein for proper growth? The feline’s menu must be balanced. Cats descend from hunters and are carnivores, which makes animal protein a significant part of their diet, and wet cat food provides both significant protein and hydration. However, if you travel long distances with your pet, electric can opener reviews might come in handy, so you can feed your kitty on the go.

To start with, protein is essential for muscle repair, cell growth, and overall body maintenance. Pet food must be adequately balanced to ensure the correct mix of vitamins and nutrients. However, while protein is key in your pet’s diet, it doesn’t necessarily mean that more of it amounts to better health.

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Appropriate Amount of Cat Protein

The problem with a high level of a particular nutrient is that it reduces the intake of other important nutrients. Excessive intake of protein is not advisable for some cats with medical conditions, and that’s why nonprescription low protein cat food is required in certain instances. 

The fact is, kittens in particular depend on high-protein canned cat food. Nutrient deficiency is not beneficial to growing felines, as it is capable of harming their development.

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How Much Protein Does Your Cat Need per Day?

It’s a proven fact that cats inherit their eating behavior from tigers and lions: members of its extended family. Thus, being a beast of prey, a feline requires it more than any other domestic animal. Chicago Tribune reports that as carnivores, cats’ menus are to consist predominantly of meat. Answering the pertinent question: how many grams of protein does a cat need per day? Our research has proven that it needs at least 2 grams per pound of body weight each day. This amount of nutrients will enhance its body mass and development.

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Satisfies Your Cat’s Nutritional Need

There are many formulated products in the market, but not all of them are worth giving to your pet. Your cat’s nutritional requirement is a high level of protein and a low level of carbohydrates. Though there are items that pass this standard, you need to conduct a cat food protein comparison among the many brands available. Your kitty needs the best to grow healthy and active, and you’ll provide that. What measures do you take to achieve a balanced nutritional requirement? We want to hear your thoughts!