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How Cats Affect Your Mood

Happy Cat: Why Do Cats Purr
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All cat lovers know the joy of having a cat in their house. Cats can bring hours of fun and entertainment to our lives. Plus, they’re very lovable and love playing. What better way to get some extra exercise!

Having a kitty as a companion can calm you down and reduce your stress on the darkest of days. Cats make great family pets, but they are also an ideal pet for people that live alone. 

How do cats help us cope with stress?

Every human has the basic need to touch, feel, and cuddle. Having a kitty around to stroke and cuddle allows us to meet that basic need. 

Research has shown that people who have a cat are less likely to suffer from depression and are also likely to have lower blood pressure. This is because cuddling and playing with animals releases serotonin and dopamine, two hormones that can help improve our mood. 

Lower blood pressure also reduces the chance of heart disease. Even people that have had a heart attack can benefit from getting a cat. 

When life gets stressful and you’re struggling to cope, you can place a cat on your lap, give them a pet, and listen to them purr to help calm down. 

Stroking their soft fur and hearing them purr allows you to take a mental break. Some people are so soothed by the sound of a purring cat that they even fall asleep! 

Can cats improve our lifestyles?

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Cats give us someone to talk to, which can help us feel less lonely. Loneliness is a huge issue for people that live alone or who are introverted, which can eventually lead to isolation and depression. A cat can help relieve some of that loneliness. 

Not to mention, cats can help add a healthy structure to your day. Kitties enjoy having very specific routines. You’ll need to get up and feed them at a specific time, find time to play with them, and give them plenty of attention.

Adding structure and routine to your day can not only help lower your stress and anxiety, but it can also help prevent you from falling into isolation. Plus, sometimes simply petting your cat can help make you feel happier! 

Are cats good pets for older people?

Many older people get lonely after their children move out or their spouse passes away. 

Having a cat around can help them add meaning to their life. They have to take care of the cat and can spoil their furry companion to make it happy

Having a pet also helps older folks stay connected to the world. Instead of isolating themselves, they have to go out and buy food and toys for their kitty. 

Having the routine of taking care of a cat can also help improve memory. A cat can also encourage older people to be more active.

They have to spend time playing with their cat and cleaning up after the cat. Instead of being sedentary, they have a reason to get up and move. Any form of activity is beneficial for older individuals. 

How do cats help children?

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A cat can also be a good companion for a child. A cat provides unconditional love, which is perfect for children and gives them a sense of security.

Cats also won’t punish a child or give orders like teachers and other adults in a child’s life might do. The cat will instead provide them with plenty of love and cuddles.

Taking care of a cat can also help children learn responsibility. They have to remember to care for the cat and give it attention. A really playful cat is a great way for a child to get exercise! Plus, taking care of a living animal can help children learn compassion for others. 

Cats can also be good for hyperactive and aggressive children. Taking a cat onto their lap, petting their soft fur, and listening to them purr can help an overactive child calm down. 

What about cats and people with Alzheimer’s? 

Finally, cats can also be good companions for people with Alzheimer’s. 

Many people with Alzheimer’s struggle with verbal communication, but cats do not require verbal communication to be loved. Even watching a cat play can help sufferers calm down.  

Plus, it can be very stressful taking care of someone with Alzheimer’s. Caretakers will also benefit from being able to pet and play with a friendly kitty. 

In summary

Cats can play an important role in so many people’s lives and help keep them from feeling lonely and stressed. While it’s essential that anybody who’s considering adopting a cat should make sure the cat will fit in with their lifestyle, bringing a cat into your life is sure to be a rewarding experience.