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How To Spoil Your Cat In 7 Fun & Adorable Ways

Cat sleepng in bed

Credit: Photo by Iz & Phil on Unsplash

Forget politics, the hottest debates arise between dog and cat parents as to who’s pet is the better companion. A significant number of homes across the globe have one or more felines residing in them. Cats can sometimes be viewed as aloof and independent, especially compared to their clingy canine competition. Despite this, there are a multitude of ways we humans can subtly show affection for our furry pals without causing them to flee or go into hiding for days. 

How to Spoil Your Cat Safely 

Not sure about how to spoil your cat? Despite their standoffish behavior, cats do crave attention from their caretakers. Sci-News reports that a recent study reveals that cats bond with their owners just as much as dogs do. There are many ways to spoil your cat in a fun and safe way. Here are 7 ideas to get you started spoiling your cat

1. Groom Your Cat with a Brush

Not sure how to spoil a cat? Using a pet brush on your cat’s fur is an easy and fun bonding experience. There are many different types of cat brushes – bristle brushes, slicker brushes, and grooming mitts to name a few. Before brushing your cat, it’s important to put your cat at ease and to remember to never brush them by force. 

2. Use Interactive Toys

Interactive toys are great items to spoil your cat with. Cats can get bored with the same old mouse and ball. Change up their toy repertoire by adding interactive toys into the mix. Interactive toys can be simple or complex. Simple toys include collapsible tunnels, wands, and electronic mice. More complex toys can dispense treats as rewards for play. 

3. Road Trip with Your Cat

It’s quite common for pet owners to take their dogs on road trips, but cats can enjoy travel, too. Of course, you can’t let a cat roam loose in the car or stick their heads out the window. Keep your cat calm and comfortable during the trip with a cat carrier. The containment equipment also keeps the driver safe from distractive risks a loose cat can present. 

4. Feed a Quality Food

Credit: Photo by Rasmus Gerdin on Unsplash


All kibble is not created equally. A food that provides the proper nutrients, and that your cat enjoys, is essential in caring for your feline friend. Many cat owners are turning to grain-free cat food due to a rise in allergies in pets. The right grain-free cat food can help give your cat more energy and lengthen their lives. 

5. Let Them Sleep

Who doesn’t love a good catnap? Cats probably spend more time sleeping than the laziest of dogs. Cats can sleep a minimum of 12 hours per day! A quiet area without foot traffic is the purrfect place for a dedicated napping area. Add a cat bed or cat tree to attract your sleepy cat. 

Cats are most active during the late-night and early morning hours. That means that they are more likely to be sleeping in the afternoon. This behavior harkens back to the pattern of their ancestors who were night hunters. Despite their domestication, this primal instinct still remains today. 

6. Make a Window Perch

Cats are nosy creatures by nature. They use their nose for more than just sniffing out rodents. Felines enjoy stalking birds and your neighbor from the window. Cats are extraordinarily curious about what’s going on on the other side of the glass. They can entertain themselves for hours simply by staring out a window, even in the dark. Why not make it easier for them by creating or buying a premade comfy window perch to let them get a great view of the neighborhood’s goings-on? 

7. Catnip Scratching Post

It’s a given that cats love to scratch. It helps them groom their nails and leaves their scent as a warning to other animals. However, people do not love it when their furniture or wood paneling is full of scratches. A catnip-infused scratching post gives your cat a place to get their scratch on without damaging your home. Scientific American explains why cats succumb to the powers of catnip. 

Leaving their scent is the reason why cats rub against their owners’ legs. While you can’t smell it, your cat is discreetly marking their territory. Scratching posts allow them the chance to exhibit conquering behavior without potentially tripping their owners by constantly being underfoot. 

Cats Can Be Just as Fun as Dogs

When you think of playful pets, your mind might immediately call up the image of a dog romping in a park. However, cats love fun just as much as dogs. They just show it differently (read: not at all.)International Cat Day may only come once a year on August 8, but you can spoil your cat in safe and fun ways every day. Spoil your cat from time to time to form a deeper bond with your cat by engaging in grooming and play rituals or turn your window into a cat-friendly observation area. Your cat will thank you with increasingly louder purrs.