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5 Ways to Show Love to Your Cat

Cat with Wellness cat food

Cat owners know that nothing comes close to the cuteness of whiskers or the softness of toe beans. What would life be without a sassy little feline roaming your hallways and purring on your lap? December is National Cat Lovers’ Month, and it’s the perfect time to show your feline friends some extra love! Read on for some fun ideas to show your cute and curious kitty just how special they are to you.

1. Learn how to properly trim your kitty’s claws.

Keeping your cat’s nails nice and trim is important for many reasons. Reducing the nail’s sharp point can help prevent painful, broken claws or keep your cat from getting caught up in the carpet or your clothing. If you have a cat who likes to knead you – and push pointy tips into your skin – save yourself some pain by nipping the tips! Clipping your cat’s nails can be a daunting experience, but it doesn’t have to be. Talk to a vet or look online for some resources to help make nail clipping time more enjoyable for you and your cat!

2. Get your four-legged friend a new bed or heating pad.

Everyone knows cats love to snooze – and they usually like to find the warmest place in the home to doze off. Enjoy your cat’s heat-seeking nature with a new bed or heating pad. Place the new bed in a sunny windowsill so your cat can soak up some sun while drifting off. Is sun scarce in your home? Buy kitty a pet-safe heating pad so she can enjoy some heat while inside – especially during the colder months.

3. Re-evaluate how you feed and hydrate your cat.

Have you ever heard of whisker fatigue? This can occur when food and water bowls push back on your cat’s whiskers, resulting in pain for your cat when he eats and drinks. Did you know cats don’t their food and water to be near each other? Re-evaluating how you feed and hydrate your cat is the perfect way to show your pet some extra love. Purchasing a water fountain and anti-whisker fatigue bowl is the perfect way to solve your cat’s eating and drinking issues. Place them on opposite sides of the room so your cat can drink and nosh comfortably.

4. Show your cat you understand her by catering to her natural instincts.

Cats are natural-born explorers, and that’s one of the reasons we love them so much! No cabinet or mantle is safe from the curious antics of your brave little house panther. Cats also love to climb, scratch and hide. Keep your cat engaged and indulge her curious instincts with a new climbing tree, scratching post or hiding spot! Cats like to be up high, and a climbing tree is a great way to keep them comfortable and entertained. Cats also need to scratch to keep themselves healthy! Help your cat stay happy and keep your furniture safe with a new place for kitty to dig her claws into. Does your cat like to stalk or watch you from afar? Get her a cardboard box so she has her very own enclosed space to survey her kingdom from.

5. Make an emergency plan.

Many families have plans in place in case of a fire or natural disaster. Does your plan include your cat? It’s important you know what you’re going to do if disaster strikes – you don’t want to leave your feline friend behind. This is especially important if you have multiple cats. Make a plan and practice it out. Pretend there’s a fire and practice loading up your cat, or cats, into a carrier and getting them out of the house. Do you live in an area that can be hit by a tornado or hurricane? Prepare by putting your cats in their carriers and taking them to your safe space. You never know when something bad can happen – show your cat some love by including them in your emergency plans. 

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