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3 Reasons Having A Pet Sitter Will Make You and Your Cat Happier!!

Cat relaxing

Credit: Photo by Brittnay Sharman

Headed away and your cat can’t come with you? You should look into a staycation for your beloved cat! You want your pet to be safe and happy while you are away. For most animals, this means staying in familiar and comfortable surroundings. The best way to accomplish that is to find a house sitter. 

An experienced and professional house sitter who loves animals can stay at your home while you are away and most often it’s free! It could be just for a weekend or even a few months. 

House sitting is a perfect alternative to asking family and friends or using boarding kennels. Many homeowners find that both their animals and their families are less stressed and happier when they use this type of service, read further to find out why!

Reduce The Hassle

Not only are you organizing yourself, but you might also need to think about getting kids and a partner ready for a holiday. Not only is transporting your cat from place to place hard work, but you also need to pack all their things. Among them, medicine, food, treats, bedding, litter box, and toys! Not only that, but most cats don’t enjoy riding in a car. 

Most pet hotels also require you to get documents from your vet, sign disclaimer forms and sign authorizations. Before you can do any of that, you have to research and pick a reliable and safe kennel. With a house sitter everything (except your family) stays put. The sitter comes to you and your to-do list becomes a little bit shorter!

Less Worry 

When you are away from home, no matter how fun your trip is, you may begin to think about your pet. Is my cat safe and happy? Or, scared and sad? When your kitty is at home, you at least can be comfortable knowing they are in familiar and safe surroundings. They are able to access their favorite spots in the house, their own litter box and stay in their happy little routine. 

At kennels, animals are usually outside of their comfort zone and for many, this can affect their eating habits which in turn can affect their usage of the litter box. These changes in behavior may also be due to change in location, absence of familiar people and surroundings, and the addition of unknown animals around them. They also run the risk of being exposed to diseases and pests.

By allowing them to stay home, your furiends can get all the care and attention from a house sitter without any exposure to unwanted things. They will enjoy one-on-one attention which would be completely different from a kennel where one person is responsible for dozens of animals.  

The other bonus is that your home is safely cared for while you’re away. This means your mail won’t need to be stopped, and your garbage will be taken out! 

No More Adjustments

After a nice relaxing trip, the last thing you want to do is return home to a crazed pet. They may be struggling to readjust to your absence, your return and another change in their environment. For some, that means a cat who won’t let you out of their sight but also won’t listen to you or look at you. Feline reunion anxiety can be tough.

Cats are sensitive to change and some will react negatively to your absence, especially if boarded or cared for outside of the home. You may return to a pet who has coped so poorly, they are not eating much, shaking with nervousness, and/or becoming fearful and hiding (even after your return).