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How to Keep Your Kitty Safe on Meowlloween

Halloween is on the way, and we hope that you and your furry babies are getting excited for spooky season! Halloween is one of the best times of year for people and kitties, and we donโ€™t know about you, but we are already seeing a flood of adorable kitty costumes. At the same time, this season comes along with some dangers for our kitties. With just a little bit of extra care, we can make sure that our kitties stay safe this Halloween! Check out our tips below for ideas about how.

Make sure your kittyโ€™s costume is safe and comfy!

Thereโ€™s nothing cuter than a cuddly kitty, except maybe a cuddly kitty in costume! But some costumes are not so comfy for our cats, and in the worst case scenario they can even become dangerous. So this year when you dress up together, remember to choose costumes that are spooky but safe!

Make sure everything your kitty chomps on is kitty-safe!

Halloween is a season of treats for all of us, but not all treats are safe for your kitty. Be especially careful of chocolate, and sugar-free gum and candy! These items can be particularly toxic for our cat family. If you think your kitty might have gotten into the Halloween treats, make sure to follow these steps right away!

Even though there are some dangers that we all need to avoid together, if we follow these tips, we can make sure to have a safe and happy Halloween with our kitties. Comment with your adorable, kitty-safe costumes, and show us which treats you’ve enjoyed the most! Happy Meowlloween!