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How You Can Help Black Cats This Halloween

Black cat

We’re nearing the end of October, which means the cooler weather is moving in, the leaves are changing, the orange color of pumpkins are everywhere, and somewhere there is a black cat excited his or her season is finally upon us!  It’s that time, for some, to dress up and celebrate.

Folklore has always associated black cats as the familiars of witches or signs of bad omens. Some people fear our black furred friends during Halloween time, but you have nothing to fear from black kitties, as they are some of the sweetest companions you could ever ask for! Black cats are on people’s minds more often during this time, and there’s plenty that you can do to help them this Halloween. Here are some ideas!

1. Use Social Media

Some people fear black cats because of the superstition that they are bad luck, but if you knew my Kitty Charlie, you would know that’s the furthest from the truth! He’s just a big ole’ ball of fluff who loves to sleep. As cat lovers, we can help by debunking the idea that they will bring negativity to someone’s life. Instead, let’s show everyone the joy these babies bring us. You could start a Black Cat Appreciation Post on your social media or ask people to comment with a picture of their black cats on your post. Perhaps you can even start a fun hashtag, like #BlackCats2020!

The author's black cat, Charlie, posing for the camera.
The author’s black cat, Charlie, poses for the camera!

2. Adopt/Rescue

Have you been thinking about adopting a cat? Why not during October when there are black cats sitting in the shelters waiting for their forever homes. While some shelters have banned black cat adoptions during this time to protect them, you can always express your interest and intention in adopting during this time, so that when the time is right, you can help these fellas and gals find a home!

3. Volunteer

So many kitties, black or otherwise, are waiting to be adopted from shelters all over. If you can’t commit to adopting at this time, that’s okay! Why not go volunteer at a shelter and show them some love? Maybe there is a cat rescue in your area that could use the volunteers! You could help them clean and maintain the cages. You can play with the cats. How about some good ear scratching and a little rub on the head? I can hear them purring right meow!

4. Foster

Do you have a big heart? Why not foster? Cats bring so much joy to the world, they deserve a loving home. So many people open their homes up to cats waiting to be adopted, which helps add stability and safety to kitties waiting for their furever homes. None of us like to see cats waiting in shelters. You can temporarily give them a place to settle, space to lounge and soak up the sun, and a space to relax and feel safe.

So, during the month of October, when black cats are at the forefront of everyone’s minds, be an advocate for them! Happy Meowlloween!