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What to Bring On a Trip With Your Cat

Author Bio: This guest post was written by Kendra Beckley, an editor/business development manager at Write my coursework and Do my coursework. Kendra helps companies maintain strong relationships, and successfully enter new markets. She also writes articles on a variety of topics.

Yes, it’s possible to go on a trip with your feline pal. With adequate preparation, research, and supplies, you’ll be able to fulfill all of your cat’s needs. Here is what to bring, and how to successfully plan a trip with your cat.

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Vet Approval

Some animals, commonly cats, are unable to travel due to conflicts. If your animal is scared of new surroundings, it’s probably best to leave them at home. Set up an appointment with your vet to determine if your cat is in the right condition to travel. Health issues could prevent you from being able to take your cat with you. Never put your pet’s wellbeing and safety in danger. If your vet decides that it’s better to leave your cat at home, then listen to their advice. Potentially, you need to bring your cat with you because you are moving to a new place; if this is the case, do everything you can to make the traveling experience easy on your pet. In the case your vet approves your request, ensure that you get any medicine your cat may need like sedatives for airplane rides. Also, check to see if your cat needs any vaccinations or other healthcare while at the vet. Before the appointment is over, gather your vet’s contact information in case of any emergencies during your travels. 

The more preparation you invest into a trip, the better the experience will be.


There are essential supplies required when traveling with animals. Cats may be independent, but they still need the resources so they can feel comfortable during the trip. These are the main pet traveling supplies you need to pack for your cat.

  1. Pet Carrier

Whether you are traveling via car, plane, train or other method, you’ll need a pet carrier. Get a carrier that has enough room for your cat to enjoy themselves and most importantly, feel safe. In the carrier, you can put a cozy blanket, toys, and potentially treats to keep your cat satisfied. Invest in a high quality, hard plastic model. I recommend testing to see if your cat is able to stay calm in the carrier before you leave.

  1. Litter Box & Toiletries

Probably the most disturbing part when you travel with your cat is the litterbox situation. Unlike dogs, cats need a litter box in order to relieve themselves. Find a travel-friendly option that can easily be transported to and from each destination. You’ll have to make sure you regularly dispose of litter, and clean up any messes made by your cat. Bringing wipes and cleaning supplies is a good idea so you can tidy up the litter box and pet carrier on the go. Also, pack toiletries that can help your cat freshen up like pet-friendly wipes, and breath freshening treats.

  1. Food & Water

It’s no secret that your pet will need food and water during the journey. Calculate how much food is necessary for the duration of your trip. Waiting until you arrive at your destination before you give your cat wet food is a good idea. This is because it’s messy, and may spoil over time. Dry food and bottled water, along with treats are the best options. Pack all the food items in accessible, air-tight containers with portioned meals, and you are set!

I only travel with my pets if they are willing to come along with me.

Other Considerations

Taking your cat along with you is a huge responsibility. You have to be completely confident that you can still successfully travel when another lifeform is involved. While planning your trip, write a bathroom and meal breaks schedule for your furry friend. This will allow you to be aware of when to make stops, and maintain organization. Prior to booking places to stay, see if they are pet-friendly first. To show care and affection to your cat while on the trip, give them treats and toys. This will let your cat know that they are being well behaved, and that they are doing nothing wrong. In case your cat somehow escapes, it’s crucial that they have a collar with contact information. You’ll also want to bring a leash and a harness to transport your cat around outside of the pet carrier. Remember to keep your cat’s best interest in mind, and do everything you can to make your cat’s travel experience positive.