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How to Take Travel Photos with Your Cat Like a Pro

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Photo by Piotr MusioΕ‚ on Unsplash

Traveling with your cat brings a lot of fun. You try to pick the perfect location to give your furry feline fellow fun exercising opportunities while stimulating her mind. In the meantime, ideal photography is a must to capture the beautiful moments you have with your cat while traveling. But no matter how experienced a photographer is, getting a cat to pose in front of a camera is challenging. And if you are on your own, traveling miles across the home with your cat, it is going to be a horrendous adventure of taking her memorable snaps.

Whether you capture it from a well-equipped camera or the selfie camera of your smartphone, pet portraits require a unique eye and a tremendous amount of patience. But do not worry at all! You can be a pro photographer of your furry fellow with creativity, bribery, and some little tricks mentioned in this article.

Choose the Right Equipment

Yes! Equipment is imperative! You cannot just roam around and expect to get a perfect shot of the heavenly place miles away from your home with a selfie camera. It is better to buy the finest camera with various lenses for capturing the best memories with your cat. 

Also, get a remote and an adjustable tripod stand to take a picture while being far away from the camera. Or, set a timer in your camera to capture beautiful portraits of your cat. 

Grab their Attention

The best trick to capture a pet portrait like a pro is to grab their attention. And you know very well how to do so! Treat, treat and treat. But sometimes cats mess with the treats too. So, tape treats on the camera or the back of the cell phone. 

In this way, you will get her focus. You can also take a ball or toy in your hand next to your lenses and make the cat look at you until you click a snap. But to keep the incentive there, make sure to throw the ball or play with them after taking a shot.

Focus On the Eyes and Eye Level

While taking a close snap of your cat, focus on their eyes. Be sure you are at the cat’s eye level. It is easier to make them pose while you are on their eye level and creates depth and a sense of familiarity in your pet portrait. 

You can also place your camera far away and then take a picture while sitting with your cat with a beautiful background behind. It gives an ethereal look to your kitty’s photographs.

Change Camera Perspective

Try shooting from as many angles as possible. Pet portraits are best when taken from the eye level, but for a variety, change your camera perspective, take the shots from far away, from way down below the bigger cats, from the sides or back. 

Also, position your camera in a way that your cat gets as much natural light on her as possible. You can also take continuous shots or use burst mode for capturing the best action moments.


Yes! Bribe your cat with quite a lot of treats and toys. The best way to take a pet portrait is to associate the camera with treats. So, whenever you take your camera out, your cat will know and prepare for the pose. 

You can also use these treats to take a variety of shots. Like you can put some honey or peanut butter on their nose. While they lick it or make a pout, take the snap. Throw a treat in the air or far away, and take the picture when they jump or make a run for it. You can also use something on your face and click a pic while they lick!

Be Creative

Cats are unpredictable, and it is challenging for pet owners to capture their portraits. To take this situation, photograph your cat while walking side by side. Place your camera on a tripod stand or take a helping hand. Then walk or run with your cat either towards or away from the camera.

It is an excellent way to picture your relationship with your cat. Use panning technique to emphasize movements. Try props and toys to make your cat comfortable and playful in front of the camera.

Add Variety

Travelers, especially lone travelers, tend to take selfies with their cats most of the time. Selfies are okay, but unique photographs are crucial when you are moving far away. You are not likely to be in that place at that moment again. 

So take a variety of unique, memorable photos with your furry fellow. It could be an action shot while she is playing around or a pet portrait-style photo. You can also shoot your relationship with her in different styles like cuddling, playing, or walking with her.

Final Thoughts

Take the pictures like a pro, and make travel memories with your furred-one as memorable as you can. Remember! Your kitty is not a model. So be patient; let her get comfortable with the travel and camera. After all that, you will surely get rewarded with a perfect pet portrait worth your input.