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6 Ideas for Organizing & Designing a Cat Room

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Your furry feline fellow is a part of your family as much as any other family member, or maybe more! So why not design a perfect room for your cat! You can organize this room for plenty of reasons. You might do it because you have too many pets, or your house may be overflowing with pet accessories. But, it is also vital for your cat’s health because they are sensitive to noise, strangers, and other stressors in their environment.

Moreover, the layout and organization of your cat room also define the cat’s physical health. You can place various toys, shelves, and other essentials to create a playful environment for the cat. This article enlists six key ideas for decor, pet furniture, and storage solutions to make any room heaven for your cat.

Image source: Unsplash

1. Organizing a Room

As cats are susceptible to their surroundings, any stressful condition can negatively affect their mood and health. To avoid this, arrange a separate room or peaceful space for your cat. Transform your guest bedroom, attic, or basement into a cat room if it is not excessively used. 

You can also upgrade your office space or garden office in this regard. But if you do not have an entire room to dedicate to your cat, organize a small space like a cupboard, closet, or make a cat inlet under the stairs, just make sure that any doors stay open.

2. Bedding

Cats love to sleep and to fulfill this desire, they do not see if they are sleeping in a furry blanket or on the edge of the window. But it does not mean that they cannot be trained to sleep on a comfy spot. Cute cozy beds add perfection to the design of your cat’s room. 

You can place different beds like cave beds, deep-dish beds, furry-stuffed mats, fusion jumbo style beds, enclosed beds, and cat hammocks. Place a cat portrait near the bed for aesthetic purposes. Cats feel cozy in sunlight, so it is better to install a window hammock.

3. Flooring and Furniture 

Whether you have a bare floor or carpet, it certainly faces the wrath of paws and urine if you have a cat. So to avoid such situations, lay feline-friendly flooring made of tiles, laminate floor, bamboo, or luxury vinyl. 

Place a scratching post for your cat to spare other furniture items. Also, cats instinctively tend to hide, jump and seek high places to sit. So you can place a small cat-house, shelves, and perches as furniture.

Decorate with stickers of mice, birds, and cats. It gives a different look to the furniture. Place some hiding objects like a cat condo or a cardboard box. A small cupboard would be perfect for storing your cat’s essentials, treats, and toys. Decorate the room further with cat-friendly plant pots and durable cat trees.

4. Toys

Cats can play alone, but they adore it when you play with them, so you should decorate the room with traditional and interactive toys. You can get a monthly subscription cat box from KitNipBox. These boxes contain the best high-quality cat toys, all-natural treats, and other fun, healthy cat products. 

You can also use a puzzle or a maze frame that requires the cat to reach out for treats at the destination. Place the toys out of reach in a basket or arrange them high up in the corner of the room for a perfect look.

5. Wall Decoration

When it comes to designing the wall of your cat’s room, get ready to be creative. It is in the instincts of cats to climb and jump to high spots. So make enough platforms on the wall, from the wood or furniture. Place climbing stations and hanging shelves for them to play and flex their skills. 

With age, cats get less nimble and might not love to jump. For this purpose, install small stairs along the walls leading up to higher platforms. Lower cat cubbies can also be great hiding spots for cats. 

As you design the room for a cat, do not forget to hang a customized cat portrait or personalized tapestry on the wall. A Cat portrait gives your kitty a sense of ownership and self-assurance. It is an excellent way of adding a customized touch to their special room. Not only does it help them acquire confidence in you, but it also strengthens your relationship with your cat.

6. Place Necessities

Another way to decorate the cat room exceptionally well is to designate particular spots for mealtime and littering. Cats prefer eating in calm and quiet places. Place some decorative but pet-friendly bowls in a corner. Also, consider a small water fountain and an automatic feeder to dispense off leftovers. 

Keep the litter box away from the cat’s food bowls. It is better to place two or more litter boxes for one cat. To improve visuals, place the litter box in the pet furniture, such as shelves or cardboard.

Final Thoughts

Update your home so that it can portray your cat as a part of your family. With these handy tips, you can decorate your cat’s room in an ideal way. But always remember the joy that your kitty gets by playing with you cannot be replaced only by an exceptionally decorated room. So love your little feline fellow as much as you can.