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Felines Tackling Cat Toys is Better than Humans Tackling Footballs

Cat with football

Ever get invited to a party and secretly hope that the hosts own a cat? It’s a weird desire, but it’s not unusual… It’s a cat-person thing. With the Supurr Bowl coming up this weekend, it’s highly possible that you’ll either be hosting or attending a party to watch the big game. While the Super Bowl is, admittedly, fun, it’s not half as entertaining as watching kitties lose their minds over cat toys, cuddling, or just purring for attention.

So, for anyone who’s trapped at a Super Bowl party that’s lacking a sweet kitty’s presence, we are proud to present you with the ultimate playbook of cats tackling cat toys (some from KitNipBox!), huddling together, and celebrating winning at life (*cue sighs of relief*)! You can now rest assured that wherever you are this Sunday – whether with friends inhaling guacamole, chuckling at funny commercials, or [pretending you’re] getting pumped about the big game – you can always tap open this post featuring cats with REAL athletic ability. Touchdown!


Fans in the bleachers… They can hardly wait for kickoff time!


Cat trees are great cat toys

“Better be a good game… We paid extra fur this ameowzing view!”
[via IG @the_daily_bubkin]

First, it’s very impurrtant that everyone fuels up with good grub!


 "Meh... Concession stand food is sub par!!" [via IG @heyseymour]

“Meh… Concession stand food is sub par!!”
[via IG @heyseymour]

Team huddle!

Cats lounging

“We got this team!”
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And the adorable action begins!!



This cat stole the ball! Nice job!


Supurr Bowl Touchdown Dance

“Anybody open for me to pass it to, tho?”
[via IG @sir_tangie]

 When you watch the OTHER team steal your team’s ball…


"Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!" [via IG @cola_thecat]

[via IG @cola_thecat]

The strategy in these plays are simply reMEOWkable!

Action shots! [via IG @sir_osiris_vorfreude]

Action shots of kitties tackling a KitNipBox! SCORE!
[via IG @sir_osiris_vorfreude]

The catch that scored the WINNING touchdown!!!


Catching the Cat Toy

[via IG @saydiethebengal]

Yay! All cats win the Supurr Bowl!


"ConCATulations to ME!" [via IG @baronvonsqueaks]

“ConCATulations to ME!”
[via IG @baronvonsqueaks]

Header image credit: @blackbottoms_bengal (Instagram)