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Meet Instagram’s Fluffiest Cat Lovers: Shelby and Seymour!

Meet Instagram's Fluffiest Cat Lovers: Shelby and Seymour!

Shelby (@officially_shelby) and Seymour (@heyseymour) are two busy kitties! Whether they’re talking to their 30,000+ followers on Instagram, getting their 15+ hours of beauty sleep, or meowing for food, these fluffly felines know how to optimize every second of their 9 lives. Most impurrtantly, though, Shelby and Seymour are in a romeowntic and strong long-distance relationship! Amid the chaos of being “Instafamous,” these cat lovers somehow manage to sneak away from the limelight, carving out some extra-special time for one another.

A love like Shelby and Seymour’s is truly rare and beautiful! In light of Meowlentine’s Day, we decided to interview these cat lovers about their secrets to maintaining a successful long-distance relationship, what it’s like to text without thumbs, and how they knew it was true love. Enjoy!


1) Q: How did you first meet?

Seymour: Well, as we live in neighboring states, it was inevitable that we would meet eventually, but we met on Instagram.


2) Q: What are some of the pressures cat lovers might experience in a long-distance relationship?

Shelby: There are a lot of Tom-cats that try to ask me out.  Since Seymour and I are long distance, we don’t get to take photos together, so other cats think I’m single.

Seymour: I don’t actually feel any pressure because I just touch the Instagram app and there she is. So gorgeous.


3) Q: How did you know it was true love?

Seymour: The first time I saw Shelby I didn’t even blink for like 6&½ minutes… Couldn’t take my eyes off her and, for those moments, even forgot about food. That’s how I knew.

Shelby: I knew it was true love when he asked me out for Valentine’s Day last year on social media in front of all the other felines.


Cat Lovers: Shelby and Seymour


4) Q: Do your humans ever get jealous of your relationship?

Shelby: Yeah, my mom is upset that she’s single and wishes that she could find a real human man as good as Seymour.

Seymour: Who cares?


5) Q: What’s your favorite quirk about one another?

Shelby: Even though I’m very prissy, I like how Seymour goes outside and travels around his yard. It’s gross, but it’s sexy at the same time (LOL).

Seymour: That tongue tho.


6) Q: What’s the best way to spend a cat date?

Seymour: Awww, this is an easy one… Netflix and Chill with bae: Tuna-tinis, the remote, and gorgeous Shelby.


7) Q: Do you think that Cat Tinder will be a thing soon?

Shelby: Well, I know that Seymour better not make a profile on there if it happens, or I’ll have to neuter him myself(!)… But for the other cats’ sakes, I hope it happens.

Seymour: What’s Tinder?  Wait… Is that a fancy seafood dish?


8) Q: Is it hard texting each other with no thumbs?

Shelby: Yeah, so we have to Skype a lot instead – that’s easier for us. Sometimes, I make my human mom (a.k.a. my slave) do it for me.


Cat Lovers: Shelby and Seymour


9) Q: How do you plan on spending Meowlentine’s Day?

Shelby: I hope he serenades me and professes his love for me over Instagram again, so that the other felines know to back off my man.  

Seymour: There’s no way on earth I can divulge my special plans for bae, but I can say I love her more today than last Valentines Day.


10) Q: What’s the secret to a successful relationship?

Shelby: The secret is making sure that everyone else knows you’re taken, so that they can keep their paws off, and also just keeping in touch as much as pawssible.

Seymour: Keeping her [Shelby] on my mind 24/7 has worked for me… I mean, that’s a big deal since, before Shelby, my number one love was food… Oh, and SnapChat! It helps a lot, because we can see each other… But, bottom line, communication… P. S. I Love Shelby! •Seymour & Shelby 4ever•