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Cat Video: “We Love Reality TV, Just Like You, Humans!”

Cat video: “we love reality tv, just like you, humans!

Nothing beats coming home from a long day’s work, cozying up with your cats and a glass of vino, and binging on some “oh no, she didn’t!!” reality TV (…or a kitty video). Sure, we’re not super proud of this “guilty pawleasure.” It’s not really intellectually stimulating, nor is motivating.

Plus, after lounging on the couch until 1 AM, you realize you’ve accomplished nothing since you came home and decided to flip on Bravo…his is not unique to humans… Apparently, cats obsess over it, too!

This mindless activity is not unique to humans, though… Apparently, cats obsess over reality TV, too!

Fur real. The only differences are that the “stars” of your cat’s shows are probably squirrels, birds, or fish, and the dialogue may be minimal to nonexistent.

Don’t believe us? Check out one of our favorite kitty videos of G.H. Lee watching Mr. Birdy get voted off the island – er, park, we mean – on the latest episode of Surviv-purr!

Whether it’s the Real Housecats of Meow York, Vandercat Rules, or The Appurrentice, non-scripted television dramas are, paws down, loved by cats AND humans!

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