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A DIY Mini KitNipBox? Fluff Yes! Here’s How to Make It…

Mini cat subscription box!

Do you love KitNipBox? Love crafting? Love miniature versions of just about anything (seriously, though, who doesn’t)? Well, then, get ready to fall in love with this furbulous DIY tutorial of a mini cat subscription box, courtesy of one of our super creative fans, Jackie from NerdECrafter!

Jackie uploads video tutorials on her YouTube channel about crafting mini versions of everyday, lovable objects and characters. Her uplifting attitude is infectious and her attention to detail is simply ah-meow-zing.

Here’s how to make it:

In this tutorial, Jackie shows us how to cut out and fold a tiny KitNipBox, mold Sculpey clay into a little mouse toy, pack and staple a teeny catnip pouch, and much more!



Not only has Jackie spelled out the steps to making our own mini cat subscription box, but she also generously provided us with printouts for the box and cat toy bakers. They can be accessed through this link.

Cat Subscription Box Cut Out

This is what the printout for the mini KitNipBox looks like!

This DIY project is way too cute for us to handle! If you plan on making this project, or any other fun crafts inspired by KitNipBox, please let us know about it in the comments below, or email us at

As for us? Well, you can find us pouncing straight to the craft store in 3, 2, 1… Bye!

Please note: this project was intended for humans to craft as a memento, not as an actual cat product. Unlike KitNipBox, this mini cat subscription box is not suitable for cats or kittens to play with. Just as well, we also urge people to not craft larger versions of these toys for their cats since many of the materials in this video, like Sculpey, fake moss, and paint (even if it’s nontoxic), can make your cats sick if accidentally ingested. Instead, we recommend purchasing cat toys and treats from a trusted cat toy provider, like KitNipBox!.