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The Catvice Column: Advice from Our Foster Cat Series!

Advice from our foster cat series

At KitNipBox, we consider ourselves extremely lucky to have adorable foster kitties roaming around our office! Their purrs and headbutts melt away all moments of stress and anxiety. It’s almost like they’re furry therapists, offering us advice (or, as we like to call it, “catvice”) about how to navigate life’s greatest uncertainties and questions.

Jamie and Cersei 1

Jamie and Cersei! Our foster kitties from the summer of 2015.

Even more special, though, is the advice they give us on a daily basis.

Jamie and Cersei, Meow - ing Catvice!

That’s right. Our foster kitties don’t just relax us… They also provide us with straight-up “catvice” (a.k.a. cat advice)! Sure, they don’t meow in purrfect English. However, they do understand exactly how we feel and possess the answers to all of life’s trickiest questions!



Currently, we have a sweet ginger tabby, named Mr. Cat, who helps keep our sanity in check. He’s been providing our team with amazing advice ever since he decided he owned us!


Actually, Mr. Cat has so much thoughtful insight and perspective that he can barely contain it! One day, he demanded we start a “catvice column” on his, and all of our foster kitties’, behalf, so he can meow out his purrs of wisdom for humans whenever he pleases.

Mr. Cat: Meow -ing Catvice!

So! Tune into our Facebook and Instagram pages every couple of week to ask Mr. Cat for advice on life, love, and success. He’s also open to silly questions and curiosities, so don’t hold back!


Just like Mr. Cat’s love, his purrs of wisdom are 100 purrcent free. He can’t wait to be your go-to therapurrst!

About Mr. Cat: “Mister” (our nickname for him) is a piece of sugar! He was brought to us from the Ladew Cat Sanctuary and immediately warmed up to everyone in the KitNipBox office. You can often find Mister headbutting us for pets, weaving in and out of our legs and swivel chairs, meowing for food, or relaxing on top of our keyboards.

Mr. Cat is a diabetic kitty, but for him, that just means he can only eat wet food and treats that are made with 100% meat (like freeze-dried chicken). No biggie!

It breaks our heart to report that, despite all of his ameowzing qualities, Mr. Cat still hasn’t found a forever home. While we love him to bits and pieces, we know that an office is no place for him to spend the rest of his life. He belongs in a home with humans that will love him as much as he is sure to love them back!

If you, or someone you know, might be interested in adopting Mr. Cat, please email us at!

ox Lots of purrs xo