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Peek Inside the Stunning, Cat-Inspired Shoe Closet of A Fashion Guru

Cat shoes

A cat lady needs her cat shoes.

Many women reserve a special place in their hearts for shoes. After all, we learned through Cinderella that the right pair of shoes can change our lives. Then, we grew up and met Carrie Bradshaw and her Manolos (who remembers that episode when Carrie finds out she spent $40,000 on shoes? We can’t blame her, can we?).  

Science tells us that shopping increases the dopamine levels in our brains, which produces a feel-good high experience, just like the effect of a drug. This effect starts to disappear and change into guilt after we pay… But this is not the case with shoes (… Or toys for your cat). We tend to think shoes are a good purchase because we can wear them multiple times and they can upgrade any outfit, so the pleasure stays longer. And, since a pair of shoes can make many of us women feel so happy, imagine us cat ladies finding cat shoes! It’s supreme purrfection!


So, today I decided to share with you a part of my personal shoe collection – that part that screams to the world I’m a proud cat lady – as an excuse to talk about some brands you can’t miss if you want cat-themed shoes.

Josefinas: The Portuguese brand that loves cats too.

I’ll start with Josefinas, a Portuguese brand I love so much! It began with Josefinas’ shoe designer, Filipa Julio, who dreamed of producing handmade ballerina flats. Soon enough, her dream came true and Josefinas grew into a beautiful reality.

The Josefinas brand loves cats and created two pairs dedicated to them: Cheshire Cat, the ballet flats that even Meghan Markle couldn’t resist, and Hazel Cat, the fluffy sneakers in pastel shades. In fact, the designers at Josefinas love cats so much, they even allowed little felines to visit their flagship store in New York. Samson, the biggest cat in town, was one of the visitors. 


The Cat’s Meow contributor, Catarina Gomes, in her very own Josefinas flats!

Cat lady shoe collection staple: Charlotte Olympia.

When we talk about cat shoes, we have to talk about Charlotte Olympia, the shoe designer who loves Hollywood glamour, pin-ups, and created- dare I say- the most famous cat shoes in history! Her kitty flats have become a signature of the brand and an iconic piece every woman needs, cat lady or not!


Catarina’s Charlotte Olympia cat shoes!

Then, there’s Miu Miu.

The Miu Miu Spring 2014 collection is one of my all-time favorites! In fact, my first pair of Miu Miu shoes from that collection remain an important hallmark of my cat-inspired wardrobe.

When this Miu Miu collection first debuted on the runway, I saw a magical cat print everywhere- from wool coats to patent leather boots- and fell in love. Just before the collection was about to reach retail stores, I found this amazing editorial in Vogue, and there they were: the mary janes of my dreams! I knew immediately that we were meant to be together.


Catarina’s Miu Miu cat shoes!

Let’s not forget Karl Lagerfeld…

Last, but not least, is a pair from a collaboration between Karl Lagerfeld and the Brazilian brand, Melissa. They feature Lagerfeld’s adorable Choupette, whom I told you everything about in my previous post.


Karl Lagerfeld Cat Shoes

Catarina sporting her Karl Lagerfeld x Melissa cat shoes!

Now tell me, which are your favourites?