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Supplements For Cats: Should I Give My Cat Vitamins?

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Why Cat Supplements Matter

We provide our cats with good food, fresh water and stimulating play, but is it enough? Even with the best intentions, we all know or have cats who could benefit from extra support. Enter cat supplements. You may be wondering “Should I give my cat vitamins?” Packed with nutrients such as lysine amino acid for eye health, biotin vitamin for skin health, and dandelion leaf for healthy urinary tract support, cat nutrition supplements are key additions to any fur baby’s diet.

It’s worth noting that the vitamins and minerals found in cat vitamin supplements are not often present in cats’ regular diets. That said, those missing nutrients are often critical to maintaining cats’ overall health, from joint mobility to optical acuteness.

How to administer cat supplements

Now that you know that cat vitamins and supplements are beneficial, your next question might be “How do I administer cat vitamins and supplements?” Disguised as natural, chewy treats, supplements for cats are surprisingly easy to administer. Take, for instance, InClover’s feline functional supplements, which were developed by a biochemist and cat mom.

InClover’s vitamin supplements for cats not only support cats’ eyes, respiratory tract, digestive system, urinary tract, teeth and fur, but they’re also delicious!  Cats love the flavor; each triangle shaped chew was tested to be sure cats enjoyed eating them. In fact, over 80% of cats come running when they hear the bag rustle and will eat these good-for-them cat health supplements like a mouth-watering treat.

Signs of the right kind of cat supplement

Picking out any cat supplement is not going to be easy. Some of them offer necessary nutrients, but at the cost of carb-heavy additives and unnatural ingredients.

Experts at InClover recommend that the next time you buy cat supplements at your local pet store or online, ensure they offer the following:

  • Provide Optimal Health
  • Natural Supplementation
  • Delectability: Tastes Like a Treat


It’s true that cats are just fine eating regular diets. However, cats who subsist only on wet and/or dry food often miss out on a lot of key nutrients that can prolong their lives and optimize their overall well-being. The best cat supplements ensure that cats get everything they need, all in one scrumptious treat.

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